Zeke's proud of his sweet lil' geek.
PG13 Casey/Zeke
Boys In Cars
Old habits are hard. Just that.
NC17 Casey/Zeke
Colonized Codependence
AU involving Casey and Zeke as the only survivors of the alien's attack, going from bad to worse at every turn.
Warnings: Rough sex, heavy angst, some gory imagery
NC17 Casey/Zeke
It's time to trust someone.
Warnings: Allusions to non-con events.
R Casey/Zeke
Four years after Zeke breaks Casey's heart, Casey get an invitation.
NC17 Casey/Zeke
Zeke's a patient guy, but he knows what he wants.
NC17 Casey/Zeke
Made It Happy
Turning fourteen is hard, especially while having no friends--but the smallest of occurrences can brighten things.
PG13 Casey/Zeke
Once Hidden, Twice Shy
The boys set up shop in Providence, RI, where freedoms are endless--and secrets are discovered.
NC17 Casey/Zeke
One Hundred Drabble Challenge
One hundred drabbles with one-word cues.
Warnings: Some drabbles with rough situations, heavy angst and bullying.
PG-NC17 Casey/Zeke
Seven drabbles showing off Zeke Tyler, the Midwestern version of a back alley dealer.
Warnings: A tiny bit of skeeziness in one.
PG-R Casey/Zeke
Salad At The Wheel
Zeke becomes the unthinkable--a backseat driver.
R Casey/Zeke
Tahitian Moon: Act One
Post-Marybeth world, wherein Casey is murdered by a psychotic alien cult. Zeke has to deal, trying to learn how to.
Warnings: Death of major character, LOTS of angst, heavy violence.
NC17 Casey/Zeke
Casey wants to grow up, but… not.
Warnings: A little bully-violence.
PG13 Casey/Zeke
Two On One
Violence turns erotic for dear, sweet and 'I'm hetero… right?' Casey.
Warnings: Schoolyard violence
NC17 Casey/Zeke
Being left out sucks.
Warnings: Very light bullying
R Casey/Zeke