Title: Once Hidden, Twice Shy
Author: honeyandvinegar
Pairing: Casey/Zeke
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: The boys set up shop in Providence, RI, where freedoms are endless--and secrets are discovered.
Disclaimer: I own nothing--all fantasy on my end.
Author's Notes: Just a silly, fluffy (titch of angst) tale.

Right after college, everything had gone as they'd planned. Even with Zeke's bright-eyed, optimistic talk of “we'll get our own place, wherever we want. Fuck knows I have the money, especially if I sell the house,” Casey had been worried that Zeke would lose interest after a few years of being together. Even if he'd been a bit nervous, he knew that Zeke had never 'been with' anyone like he'd 'been with' Casey. He knew he was special, in very important ways. One didn't come out of the closet after years of being perceived as the 'hetero-sex-god' of high school and start a relationship with their best friend, without having SOME sort of deep connection with them. Casey feels it, every day--and knows he couldn't live without it.

Casey loved the east coast, but loathed Boston. After spending four years in the dratted, 'who the fuck designed the fucking ROADS?' area, he'd had enough. But he still wanted a place close to beaches, and not in the west. So when he and Zeke finally settled on their new home in Providence, Rhode Island, Zeke sold the old one and moved out, making their first mark as a 'live-in couple'.

It'd gone remarkably smooth. The house they'd gotten on Benefit Street was gorgeous, a complete and total dream. Even if money wasn't a huge issue, as Zeke's parents had substituted trust funds and property for being parents (“I don't need them,” Zeke had told Casey two years into their relationship, holding him close and wearing a real, honest-to-goodness smile), Casey's love for photography had him go for a job at The Providence Journal. He enjoyed working for a LGBT-centric publication; even if Zeke teased him for it, they'd both go to events Casey seemed to know about before anyone else. Zeke wasn't a 'stand up for whatever group's rights' type of person, even if they were his own. But he'd still go with Casey to whatever fun was going on, rather enjoying them.

Zeke wasn't about to be a 'lay-about' himself. While Casey did his thing for the paper, Zeke had made friends with a local car-nut, Ron, at the bar he'd go to every Thursday. Both had a severe, intense passion for automobiles, particularly with detailing and 'jacking them up', as Zeke adequately described. The small but successful business they'd started kept Zeke busy and excited for projects, sometimes staying at the garage long after they'd close up shop. Casey never minded; either Zeke would meet him for lunch at DePasquale Plaza, or Casey would show up to hang out with the guys and watch them work on cars. Ron had caught on quick to the nature of their relationship; they didn't scream it in the streets, but they didn't hold back from longer-than-friendly hugs or a quick kiss to the cheek. But the city was perfect for it. It was so tolerant and open-minded, MUCH more than Ohio had been.

One thing had been set in stone from the very beginning; from Saturday to Monday, they didn't bother with work or anything else. They were lucky to be as secure as they were, and wanted to enjoy it. Their first fall, they'd taken many trips to the Roger Williams Park Zoo for the 'Jack O'Lantern Spectacular', a complete nirvana when it came to the art of photography. They'd gone on long drives to take in the fall foliage and stop in to as many farm stands as they could, bringing home loads of cider, pumpkin doughnuts and other incredibly wonderful things. Now that winter had arrived, they made plans to go ice-skating at the Fleet Center; neither of them had ever gone skating, even if they'd come from a Midwestern area. They both feared and anticipated it.

Yet in general life, none of that mattered. Casey didn't need constant entertainment, counting himself lucky for what he had. Some weekends, he and Zeke would do nothing but sit around and watch television, or hang about the house complaining that they were bored. Daily chores would get done in set ways, depending on their likes and dislikes.

Casey was the type of person that used and reused towels after however many showers, but Zeke couldn't stand such a thing. The only reason Casey put up with it was that Zeke was also adamant about doing laundry regularly, and made it his job. He even did Casey's clothes, which made him that much more endearing.

In return, Casey made dinner for them every night--and it wasn't all mac and cheese or hot dogs, either. Not always, anyway. The night before, it'd been manicotti and snow peas, coming out so fantastic that they'd devoured half the large pan. They would both do the dishes afterwards, complete with play-fights on who would wash the non-dishwasher safe items, and Casey's constant amazement at the dishwasher itself. He'd HATED the fact that his parents never bought one, and he felt like the richest man on earth to have one nowadays.

After everything was said and done… oh, the sex…

It was damned near perfect, every single time. Some days and nights, it would go slow and easy, the both of them too tired from their day to go full-throttle. Sometimes, those were Casey's favorite times, where there wouldn't even be full-out sex--just the two of them, naked in bed, kissing, touching and rubbing suggestively. But the times when they'd each have way too much energy than was healthy, it was all 'anything goes'.

When these days or nights came about, they'd barely get through loading the dishwasher, and the next thing Casey knew, he'd be tossed on the counter and taken, hard. They really, really needed to get thicker curtains for the kitchen window, being that the houses were set way too close together.

Sometimes it was any wall on their way, where Zeke couldn't stand not being inside Casey any longer. Clothes would be torn off and tossed haphazardly around them, and Zeke would throw Casey up against his hips, press him to the most solid structure he could find and send them both into oblivion.

It wasn't always filled with finesse and complete expertise. Whether a picture bumped off the wall or Casey would slip and cause them to crash on the floor together--just before climaxing, at one point--it was never without its klutzy-charm.

When they WOULD make it to the bedroom, it was no-holds-barred. Being that the city and the surrounding areas were more liberal and accepting, it all offered up the more interesting takes on sexuality. This included many shops, some classy, some… not so. In any case, they'd each go shopping for certain 'wares', giggling like schoolboys the entire time. The thing was… it was always for Casey.

It was nice, but it was what kept things at near perfect status. Not that absolute flawlessness was Casey's aim--nothing could really be that way, no matter how good things really were. But it was always 'for Casey', seeing as the entire time they'd been together, the young man had never gotten the chance to play 'top bunk'.

It'd never been that big a deal; he knew Zeke's comfort zone, and how some things made him squirm uncomfortably. As much as Casey DID want to 'try new things', he was happy being on the receiving end. Still… he wanted to try new things. He'd only pressured Zeke once, one year into their relationship, and it had ended up being a mistake. Zeke had tried to 'try it', but the moment Casey had started fingering him--barely touching him, really--Zeke had gone from rock-hard to limp, and had amazed Casey with his first-ever stammering out a whine. They'd made it an early night, after that. No bitterness or fight had come out of it… it'd just left Casey a titch defeated.

At their last trip, it'd been a true indulgence; they needed more oils, always going for flavored. Zeke loved the cherry-vanilla kind, each time getting it making them giggle incessantly. Always new, it was. Even if they'd tried every position in the book, Casey had found an interesting video showing even more complicated, Olympic-acrobat type of 'sexual routines'. That'd been put in the basket, with Zeke remarking that Casey was most certainly bendy enough. They'd damned near ransacked the place, grabbing up all sorts of things.

With one of them, Casey had bit his lip hard in putting on the counter. They'd tried many things, but the small probe for 'anal pleasure', complete with electronic hand-held controls, various speeds and beads lining the cord… they'd HAD 'toys' before, most definitely. But this one took the cake.

It'd been the first thing they'd unwrapped and shoved batteries into the moment they'd gotten home. Zeke had stared at it in awe, turning it on and off in his hand before Casey had thrown his knees up to his chest and told him to 'put the fucking thing IN, already!'…

“What… speed?”

“First setting--it says that that's where you should start it at…”

“Mmkay… ready?”


Whoever had come up with this invention, Casey had wanted to find them, shove their pants down and give them a blowjob… 'or cunnilingus, whatever, holy fuck-shit-GOD!' he'd thought, while cumming the hardest and fastest he ever had in his life. Zeke had been amazed--and had stopped the thing, damn him, wondering if Casey was all right.

“What about my shooting my load all over myself makes it look like I'm in pain?” Casey had irked out.

It hadn't mattered how many times they'd played with the thing that first night. When Casey had leveled out at twenty-second-climaxes, each time Zeke pressed 'on', they went up to second speed. That cut it to ten seconds… then third speed, making Casey nearly blackout with orgasm number six. He'd been surprised that he hadn't shot sand, wondering how he could have gone so many times.

“Zeke… you… try some time, won't… regret… like fucking…”

And Casey went out; dead out, waking up the next morning a bit… sticky. Zeke HAD cleaned him up, or he'd said he did. It'd been a good thing that their 'playtime' had been on Sunday night, being that Casey would never have been able to drive to work the next morning and not get into an accident. He'd needed a full day's worth of recovery.

Even with the pleasure, and wanting to share it with Zeke, the young man had simply shrugged and said that Casey would just have to give him something first, winking. Casey had asked, over and over again, 'you're SURE you don't wanna try it…?', and Zeke had kissed him and said that it was 'all for him'. That had been a month before, and the toy had been used many times--to the point where three weeks in, Zeke had needed to make a quick trip to the small convenience store down the road for batteries.

On this day, Casey sniffled his way to the bathroom. With Zeke gone to the shop and Casey home with a cold, the young man felt miserable and dreary. He needed a hot shower to relax the tense chest muscles, and to clear his sore nose with steam. The usual 'it's still clean… right?' attitude he had towards towels was rethought as he turned on the water and looked back at the rack, seeing the drab, thinned-out fabric hanging there. Zeke had gotten laundry done the night before, so Casey almost drooled at the prospect of using a nice, fluffy, and fabric-softener-sweet wrapping. He tossed his clothes off and into the hamper, walked to the closet and chose the large cream-colored one at the bottom.

“Aw crap,” he muttered; like choosing the bottom can of soup at the grocery store, the three towels on top flopped down and landed on the floor in a heap. Sighing, Casey bent down and picked them up, glad that they'd stayed folded. He stacked them back up and lifted them to the shelf--stopping when he peered into the dark recess of the closet.

'How'd that get in here?' he thought, reaching in to grab up the familiar toy. He drew it out by the cording, smiling a little at the feel of rubberized beads. If he weren't so sick, he'd want another session when Zeke got home…

Only once he brought it out into the light, he frowned. The blue plastic now dangled in the open, tapping against Casey's chest as he studied it. It didn't take much for him to part his lips in wild wonder… seeing as his toy… was green.


Zeke came home early, most likely to help Casey through the runny noses and hacking coughs. He seemed to feel a lot better, however.

At the sound of the door opening, Casey bit his nervous smile. 'Just ask him about it… maybe… he's just…' he thought erratically. He'd almost taken the toy out of the cupboard to show Zeke that he'd found it, but was too unsure on how he would take it. It was obviously a secret--one Zeke didn't want Casey to find out.


Casey looked up from the episode of 'Dr. Phil' he'd been watching, trying to ease his expression. 'If he notices, just sneeze, fuck's sake…' he told himself. “Hey there,” he replied, watching Zeke walk in. He wore his normal gorgeous smile, flecks of paint on his jeans and was holding a small bag. It read 'K's Café', Casey's favorite lunch-spot.

“Gotcha somethin',” Zeke said, putting it on Casey's lap.

“Oh yea?” Casey cooed. He opened it and sighed happily in finding the large container of soup--chicken noodle, it smelled, along with a fresh baked roll. “Thanks, babe.”

“No prob. Feeling any better?” Zeke asked. While he turned to put his coat on the coat rack, Casey pursed his lips tight.

“Yea, pretty much,” he answered.

“Good… you chow, I'm gonna take a quick shower,” Zeke said. He passed by the back of the couch, giving Casey's hair a soft ruffling as he went.

Casey smiled and opened the soup; God, he was too sweet. Secretive… but sweet. As he took out the plastic spoon and began digging in, he thought hard to himself.

So his boyfriend decided to delve into the world of anal-pleasure, after years of doubting the act. So what? It wasn't that big a deal, nor did it need to be. Casey tried convincing himself of all this, knowing that sometimes, even those closest to a person would keep things a secret from them. Yet one nagging voice kept returning, making Casey both roll his eyes and chuckle…

'Like you don't wanna put your dick in his ass,' he pondered. It was a bothersome thought, all these years. He was all-too-willing to give Zeke that space, never wanting to push him into something he didn't want. But…

Normally, after sex, Zeke would lay with Casey and hum himself to sleep, too tired to keep his eyes open. If it wasn't a good round of fucking, it was usually because they were BOTH tired before even getting into bed, and soft kisses were all that they'd need--and it wasn't like one wouldn't get tired and go to bed earlier than the other, in some cases. Either way, unless they needed a quick trip to the bathroom, it'd be sleep-time for them soon after anything. But in the last week or so, things had changed, with Casey not putting two-and-two together--until now.

The usual, tired-eyed 'g'night's' had ceased, with Zeke giving Casey a few kisses before claiming the need for a 'before-bed-beer', or the bathroom. Being that Casey would be too blasted to stay awake, he'd usually fall asleep before Zeke would return. Yet in thinking back, he'd done this at least four times that Casey could remember. He could only come up with one conclusion: Zeke was self-pleasuring, getting off on the toy Casey had tried selling him on the first night they'd used it.

'Well, he BOUGHT it, now, didn't he?' Casey thought more; oh yes, he most definitely had, both figuratively and literally. To think that Zeke had not just used such a thing, but bought one of his own made Casey feel excited… and annoyed. Why the poor boy wouldn't admit to liking the pleasure he was giving himself was frustrating. Zeke HAD to know how Casey would love to just…

Even when it'd been that one time, with one finger, Casey's blood had gone hot at the prospect of touching Zeke, deep and smooth, like Zeke had done in their entire relationship. Casey found himself feeling more pissy at all this than pleasured as time passed-- 'For fuck's sake, he could be doing it right now!'

Too curious, Casey got up from the couch and walked to the hallway. He heard the shower running, growing louder as he approached. He bit his lip, trying to think of a way--well, it wasn't abnormal at all to have either one of them use the toilet or sink while the other showered… or just outright join in the watery-fun. He nodded to himself and opened the door.

“Just using the pot,” he announced once halfway in, able to see past the small opening of the shower curtain.

“Sure,” Zeke replied.

Damn. No dice. Casey sighed and lifted the toilet lid, wondering if he'd just have to fake it. Once in piss-stance, he turned his head a little. “Feel nice after a long day?” he asked.

“Hells yea,” Zeke moaned out with a chuckle. “Ron was out sick today, too. I think something's going around.”

“Hmm, maybe.”

“Not a big--there weren't a lot of jobs today, anyway. I did catch wind of a big car show they're doing at the civic center next month, though. I was thinking of entering the GTO in, once I finish it up.”

Casey smiled to himself as he finally forced a few streams out. “Sounds good,” he replied.

“Prob'ly won't win anything,” Zeke said, his voice going muffled by sprays of water. “But she's looking pretty sweet. Enough to show off, I think.”

“When're you gonna let me see it?” Casey asked.

Zeke chuckled. “When it's done,” he replied. “The unveiling shall happen soon, m'dear.”

'Along with your ass-fiddling habit?'

“What's so funny?”

Casey realized how hard he'd chuckled at his inner thoughts. “Nothing… just… thinking of stupid-assed guests on 'Dr. Phil', is all.”


“Comin' to bed?”

Zeke shook his head, eyes plastered on the TV screen. “Naw. I wanna watch the rest of this movie.”

Casey's eyes flicked to the screen--sure. As if Zeke hadn't seen 'Terminator' seven hundred times in his life. “Okay… I'm bushed myself. 'Night,” he said, leaning down and kissing the top of Zeke's head before going into the bedroom hallway. He paused by the bathroom door; taking a quick look to the living room, still able to see Zeke's head poking over the back of the couch, he slipped through the door and shut it behind him.

He needed to brush his teeth anyway, which would serve as a cover if Zeke ambled in. Putting a small dot of paste on his brush, Casey began scrubbing while padding over to the closet. He reached past the towels and found the toy, smiling past the bubbles he made.

The shelf had a small gap at the very back; there'd been a few times when something would fall through it and go lost behind the things on the bottom shelf, where they kept toiletries and toilet paper. Taking another quick glance to the door, Casey took it from the shelf and moved it to the other one, shoving it behind the small row of Scott tissue. Smiling wide, he closed it and went back to the sink, spit, rinsed and left.

He left the bedroom door ajar; once under the covers, Casey waited. He really was tired, but he forced himself to stay awake. He hoped he wouldn't be disappointed; for all he knew, Zeke wouldn't even go near the thing tonight--yet in his sudden want for more Arnold, Casey could only come to the conclusion that something else was wanted instead.

Some time passed; Casey was forcing his eyes open after a while. Looking to the clock, it read eleven-forty, making him sigh. It'd been at least twenty minutes now, and the TV was still on…

That's when he heard it get clicked off. His eyes snapped open wider, his breathing going shallower as he waited further. Yes, that was Zeke, making his usual groan and stretch. Those were his feet padding quietly down the hall--too quiet--like 'don't want to wake the boyfriend' quiet. Casey bit his lip and listened further.

He couldn't get excited, not yet, in hearing the door to the bathroom open. He knew that teeth needed brushing, faces needed a quick splash… or a nice, long 'toilet session', complete with car magazines, could occur. The sink was turned on then, and muffled brushing could be heard. The young man even hummed, making Casey smile. Zeke was happier nowadays, as was Casey. Before he could go into random thoughts on how good things were (something that was pondered on many times a day), he heard Zeke gargle then shut the water off.

A piss, blow of the nose… hand-washing… 'what the fuck, he's worse than Delilah ever was…' Casey's senses perked up, hearing the closet door opening. He knew the toilet paper dispenser was full, no toothpaste was needed, and like hell Zeke needed to use Casey's hand cream--

A small, shuffling noise crept to Casey's ears. Oh no, Zeke was searching. Scavenging, even. Casey swallowed hard, trying to keep the flutters in his stomach down, especially when he heard Zeke mutter, “Fuck.”

'He is… he's looking for it!' Casey thought with an odd exuberance. He couldn't help from chuckling into the pillow, trying hard to not drown out the increasingly frantic noises and strings of 'fuck, fuck, fuck…!' going off. Finally, he heard Zeke sigh in relief. 'Found it, did you?'

After a few moments more… confirmed. Yes--yes he had. The small grunting noise made it all hit Casey, clear as crystal. That naughty, naughty boy… oh, he was having himself a time. Casey could hear the shaky sighs, and then the small but distinct buzzing sound.

It must've been hard, all this time, for Zeke to not cry out. God knew Casey had made many loud noises when he'd be treated with that thing. He listened to every tiny noise--a small slip on porcelain, Zeke's foot likely propped up against the tub… choking grunts, holding back cries of pleasure… until finally, a low and urgent hissing as Zeke let go. Casey imagined the scene… damn, WHY hadn't he tried sneaking into the hall to watch…!?

The sink was turned on again, staying on for quite a time. Casey blinked profusely and lifted his head; looking towards the door, he saw the muted light coming from under the bathroom door, crawling over the floor and reaching Casey's line of sight. “Oh Zeke,” he whispered, half-affectionately, half-sad. Before he could sigh to himself, the sink was shut off along with the light. He dropped his head down and immediately faked sleep. Zeke was soon in the room, sighing to himself as he crept to the dresser.

Casey dared to crack his eyes open, watching Zeke undress. God, he was beautiful--beautiful and glistening in the bright moonlight coming in, around his thighs and privates. He almost cooed, imagining how Zeke had made use of the washcloth to wash the 'evidence' away. It soon disappeared under flannel pajama pants, and Casey shut his eyes again. The bed dipped down on Zeke's side, the covers being gently lifted to keep Casey in 'sleep'. With a small grunt and fluffing of pillows, Zeke settled in, moving close to Casey and spooning against him.

The small kiss he applied to the back of Casey's neck almost made the boy feel guilty--almost.


Casey shook his head as he kicked his heels into the side of the front counter he sat on, watching Zeke sit in the driver's seat of the car he'd just finished up, while Ron shut the hood.

“Looks set to go--start 'er up,” he said.

“Why anyone would want to put a nitrous tank in their car…” Casey said, drifting off with a sigh.

Zeke cocked an eyebrow his way and started the car. “When you're into drag racing, it helps.”

“Oh, drag racing. I see,” Casey said. He rolled his eyes and sipped his bottle of soda, while Ron and Zeke nodded approvingly at the engine's heavy roar.

“This along with the detailing will be a sweet penny,” Ron said, clapping his hands together and going behind the desk, “Shoo, lil' man,” he said, pulling a folder out from under Casey's backside.

“Buy some chairs,” Casey teased. He hopped down and approached the car, knowing the smile Zeke wore. It screamed, 'Hells yea… I'm a man'. Casey smiled wide and leaned on the open door. “So, you gonna be home for dinner? I'm thinking of making the linguine and clams.”

Zeke raised his eyebrows at this. “Sounds great,” he replied. “I'll be home around six-ish. Don't start without me.”

Casey nodded, leaned in to peck Zeke's cheek (to which he turned his head quick, getting Casey full on the mouth), and left the garage. Once again, the night before played in Casey's mind…

“'Don't start without me', eh? You already DID, assmunch…”


It had been a couple nights without a romp in the sheets for Casey and Zeke; after dinner, it was made up for.

Casey lay on his stomach, eyes closed and lips curved into a dreamy smile. He felt the small trickle of oil go over one side of his ass; Zeke put the bottle aside and began rubbing the liquid into Casey's skin, making the young man murmur with pleasure. The scent of cherry-vanilla reached his nose then. “Smells nice,” he cooed.

“Uh huh,” Zeke's hollow voice replied. His mouth made a trail down Casey's spine, his hands leaving the oiled flesh to rub up and down Casey's sides. “Tastes nice, too…”

Casey bucked as Zeke's tongue stretched to his cleft, licking down deep to sensitive skin. He hissed and turned his head; he loved to watch Zeke manipulate his body, even if he could only catch glimpses from this point of view. His eyes crossed when Zeke brought his hands back down, grabbed Casey's ass fully and went lower.

“G-God…” Casey stammered. He had to lie back down with the dizzy feel Zeke gave him, all in lapping over the hot, very-center of Casey's cleft. It was only natural for Casey to move his hips upwards in a greedy show of want. Urged on, Zeke licked even deeper; Casey's throat caught on a cry, irking it out slowly.

“Like that?” Zeke murmured while swirling his tongue in calculated movements.

“More,” Casey pleaded.

“But I wanna fuck it.”

Casey clenched his eyes shut; it wasn't often Zeke got talkative before, during or after sex. When he was, Casey felt like he'd cum with words spoken alone. “Fuck it,” Casey said while moving to his knees.

Zeke took the invitation, his breath shaking out while getting more oil. Casey's fists clenched into the sheets at the first touch, fingers sliding smoothly over his pouting hole. They began breaching it, moving slowly inside of Casey to make him thrust back, wanting more. “Easy, baby,” Zeke told him. He moved his lips to Casey's ear and sucked at it a moment before speaking again. “Lemmee just finger it… I like doing that.”

Ohhh. This wasn't going to last, not at all. “Please Zeke… hurry,” he pleaded.

“Why? Getting a bit excited?” Zeke teased while letting another finger enter. Casey hissed and snarled, making Zeke chuckle. “Cock-hungry lil' boy.”

OH, no, no… Casey winced as he felt the first few drops of pre-cum leak onto his thigh.

“Go ahead, if you want…” Zeke told him. “Hell knows I'm gonna screw the fuck out of you no matter what.”

Whatever was making Zeke talk like this, Casey didn't know--didn't care. The third finger being inserted brought him crashing down, his cries rapid and halted at the feel of his orgasm spilling… literally, covering his legs with sticky, hot fluid.

“Man… you weren't kidding around with that one,” Zeke chuckled out. “Nearly took my fingers off, so tight…”

Casey's body melted into the bed, but he still wanted more. “Just fuck me already,” he demanded.

Zeke didn't need any more prompting. With a quick slicking-up of his cock, Zeke slipped his fingers free of Casey's ass, moved and positioned, and then drove forward. With a heaving grunt, Casey put his head back and strained his neck. Christ. Always so goddamned good, from start to finish…

“Zeke…” he uttered in a choke, putting his forehead back down to the mattress.

“Good boy…” Zeke breathed. “That's my boy.”

Casey cried out then, as Zeke pushed further and harder inside. Zeke stilled a moment, catching his breath and dropping one hand to the mattress next to Casey, the other wrapping around Casey's hips. His forearm pressed Casey's body closer, while dipping his hand to Casey's cock. “Get hard for me again,” Zeke shook out.

That wasn't difficult--at all. Casey made his knees open wider, feeling high and tense at the same time. With the way Zeke stroked, smooth and slow, Casey's dick grew stiff again, pushing against Zeke's palm. It only grew in intensity as Zeke found the sensitive inner wall, deep inside. “Oh God…” Casey groaned.

This encouraged Zeke enough to thrust harder, hitting the bundle of nerves each time. It made Casey an absolute squealing, whimpering, bucking mess, crying out one worded commands… more… faster… fuck ending with a few strings of fuck me, fuck me… oh GOD… before he found himself over the edge again. For the second time in ten minutes, Casey was soaking himself all over again. Not so unusual for him, but just as amazing as the first.

He smiled as Zeke kept moving, leaning up and taking Casey's hips in his hands. The young man was usually finished soon after Casey would be, but his dick was just as hard and insistent as when they'd gotten into bed. Casey turned his head to look at Zeke in the corner of his eye, wearing a teasing smile. Zeke must have caught it; his eyes went dark, looking to Casey with a lust-filled glower.

“Talk to me.”

Casey blinked profusely. Huh? Zeke had never been into that… “Talk?”

“Fuckin' talk to me,” Zeke demanded again.

As if THIS didn't put him on the spot--well, he figured, he DID get to cum two times… “You like fucking my ass, baby?” Casey cooed, his smile growing.

“God yes… love your ass…”

It took a lot for Casey to keep from giggling. “Good… cos' my ass loves to be fucked,” he said. 'As does yours… oh, STOP, not now…!'

“I can tell… do you… slut out to all the boys, Casey?”

Ooh, yes--this was different. “All the time, baby. Can't get enough.”

“Mmm…” Zeke hummed, still going… and going, and going and going… Casey fought for more to say, wondering what the hell was going on in Zeke's head.

That's when he felt one hand leave a hip; looking as best he could, he saw Zeke reaching behind himself… oh no, he wasn't. He wasn't…

He was. Casey's lips went into a thin, tight line. Zeke needed an extra 'push', then--literally, in the form of his finger doing what he did to Casey all the time. MINUTES ago, even. Casey could have done that FOR him, no problem. The temptation to ask such was caught in Casey's throat.

“He doesn't want me to know… but for fuck's sake, why?”

Before he could say or do anything, Zeke tensed, his thrusts going erratic as finally, he came with a loud, guttural groan. Casey closed his eyes and sighed in the feel of being filled, the heat from it all pulsating through every nerve. He knew how his body was going to feel from all this… perhaps the pains and strain he'd go through tomorrow could've been lessened if Zeke just…

'Don't be bitter…' Casey thought further. Still, it was hard to smile when Zeke stopped, slumped and went on his side.

“Fuck,” he muttered between shallow breaths.

“Yea,” Casey murmured back. 'Exactly…'


Casey had grown used to feeling a bit blown after sex, well into the next day and night. But his premonition had been dead on; instead of Zeke asking “mind putting your finger in my ass, so I could get off…?”, Casey's OWN ass felt like he'd sat on hot coals. He didn't mind having nice, long sessions in bed, but…

It was almost noon when his muscles began feeling better; walking from the main office, he approached his cubicle--then stopped at the one across from him. He leaned over the side of it and smiled at the girl sitting there, rooting through her purse and mumbling under her breath.

While Zeke had Ron as a friend, Casey had Diane. They had way too much in common; she'd come from a small town in Iowa, graduating the same year as Casey. She'd gone to a school twenty miles from him in Cambridge for journalism; and they'd started at the Journal within three days of each other. They'd become fast friends; she was the type of person who always seemed to know what someone was thinking, and would finish sentences for people constantly. They had each other over all the time for nights full of wine, conversation or general gossip going around the office. She preferred going to Casey's, however, seeing as she'd decided to have a small, innocent crush on his boyfriend. She was a 'fag-hag' and knew it--proud of it, almost.

“Hey,” he said.

Diane looked up and grinned. She shoved her tortoise shell sunglasses over her eyes and stood. “Hey yourself! Lunch is here, thank God. I need a cigarette and a pastrami sandwich from 'K's'.”

“I'm buying,” Casey said. This earned him a small, sympathetic smile.

“Aw, honey… what happened?” she asked, as psychic as ever.


Casey and Diane had barely sat down at the fountain in DePasquale and opened their paper lunch bags, before she made a long, sad sigh. “So, tell Di all about it,” she said.

Casey half-smiled while putting crackers in his clam chowder. “Not much to tell… or, rather… SHOULD tell,” he replied.

“Ah, even better,” she said with a wink.

Chuckling, Casey began stirring his soup, staring into the lumpy white mixture. “Just… Zeke.”

“Again… even better.”

“Good God, woman,” Casey teased, chuckling harder. “He is taken you know… by me.”

“I'm sure he wouldn't mind having a threesome. From what you've said, he still checks out the girls,” she said, unwrapping her sandwich and taking a bite.

Always so damned bold, she was--something Casey envied. 'Maybe SHE can bring the subject up to Zeke, saving me the trouble…' he thought. Shaking his head, he spooned up some soup and ate; he felt entranced by the shimmering pennies in the pool next to them. He then swallowed and sighed. “Y'now… how I've always bitched and whined about him always topping?”


“Well… okay, you have to fuckin'-a swear not to say a damned word… to anyone.”

“I won't! You know me, Case; I'm the 'Journal's Vault of Secrets',” she said.

It was true enough. Everyone would confide in the girl; it made Casey sit up straighter. “Zeke bought a toy… for me, at first. It's--it's one of those buzzing…things…” he halted profusely.

“An ass-tickler?” she finished for him, now chowing on a pickle.

“Yea… pretty much,” Casey said. “The thing is mind-blowing.”

“Oh, I know. Believe me, I do,” she said with a giggle.

“Oh yea?” Casey asked, looking to her with a sly grin.

“C'mon, like you're the only anal-deviant there is. Go on with your lurid, sinful tales.”

Casey laughed and snuggled his coat to him closer, feeling the growing chill of winter coming on. “Okay--so, we use this toy, and I'm all telling Zeke he needs to try it. But you know Zeke…”

“Mr. Super-Glued-Ass, gotcha.”

“Not anymore.”

Diane stopped eating to stare at Casey, wearing a questioning gaze. “Not… anymore?”

“He'd gotten the same toy--for himself. He hid it in the closet. Found it the other night,” Casey explained.

“Oh my God,” she breathed out, smiling wider. “Aw… he's getting into the ass-play scene.”

“By himself, yea,” Casey groaned. “I figured that he'd been using it… but I didn't wanna say anything, y'now? He's so fucking private sometimes. So I decided to fuck with him a little.”

“How so?”

Casey's blank expression turned into a small smile. “I put it on the other shelf, where the thing could've fallen down through the back slat,” he said. “Lo and behold, later in the night when he thought I'd gone to sleep--I hear him panicking that he couldn't find it.”

“Ooh, you devil-boy,” Diane cooed. “So… did he find it…?”

“Yup. And he used it; heard him myself… or rather, heard it. The thing's an earthquake in and of itself,” Casey said. “So he's just been hiding this from me, and I don't know why. And last night, in bed…”

Crap… he was saying too much. Best friend status with the girl or no…

“Go on…?”

'Eh, FUCK it…' “He was all talking dirty, wanting me to talk dirty… he'd never wanted that before, not like he did last night. I got off twice, but he--couldn't get off, so he needed to pretty much… well, um…” he tried, not able to explain. Diane raised an eyebrow; again, her psychic ability came into play as she sucked her middle finger and pointed to her backside with it. “Yeeea,” Casey drawled.

“Oh dear,” she said, shaking her head a little. “So basically… he wants a lil' ass-play in his life, but he's too embarrassed for whatever shitting reason to tell you. And you don't wanna bring it up… right?”


“Well, it's simple.”

“Oh yea? How so?”

“I say fuck with him. Big time,” she said. Oh, the look on her face screamed of mischief. She picked up her purse and rooted through it a moment, before pulling out her digital camera. “What batteries does the thing take?”

“Um… why?” Casey asked.

“Just tell me, boy.”

Casey sighed. “I think… two double-As…?”

“Ah,” she sighed; she undid the battery casing to the camera and pulled out the two cylinders. She put them in his hand and grinned. “Here. These are dead--I gotta get new ones.”

“Um--why are you giving these to me?” he asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“You usually get home before him, right?”


“So, when you do, switch the batteries,” she said.

Casey's face contorted from confusion to an amazed, incredulous grin. “What? That's fuckin' nuts.”

“Fuckin' funny, if you ask me. Where do you keep batteries in the house?”

“The bedside drawer.”

“Oh, that's perfect. Imagine it; Zeke's all trying to get his mojo going, realizes the batteries are dead for whatever inexplicable reason… well, I'm sure he's used the thing more times than Ron Jeremy's had porn movies…”

“Diane!” Casey said, guffawing.

“So the poor thing has to tiptoe into the bedroom, hoping you're asleep… but you're not, so he has to stammer out some explanation as to why he's looking for batteries like a heroin addict going through withdrawal. Simple,” she said, looking triumphant as she started eating again.

“That's…” Casey said, feeling awed. “That's so fuckin' evil.”

“Mmhmm. That's why you love me,” she replied with a wink.


'Just TALK to him about it. Don't do underhanded, petty crap, no matter how clever it seems to be!'

'HELLS no. You take that thing and kill it dead.'

'You love Zeke… you don't want to make him uncomfortable.'

'Well maybe he should be honest and TELL you about things like this. What the hell is the big deal?'

The argument going on in Casey's brain was annoying. All he needed to do was open the damned battery compartment, switch them and wait for the fun. Diane was right--it would be funny as hell. Still…

'You should be honest… you both boast about how you're so 'honest' with each other.'

'And HE'S being honest? Payback time, boy.'

“God, shut up,” he said to no one.

“Case, you home?”

Shit. Casey's head whirled to look at the closed door to the bathroom, his hand clenched on the toy. “Um… in the bathroom. Out in a minute!” he called.

“Home early--I'm so fuckin' hungry, do we have any of that stir fry left?”

Casey could barely think; he fumbled the battery casing open. Yes--he was going to do this. “Um… I don't think so!”

“Wanna maybe go out for dinner? We got that coupon for the Chinese restaurant we went to last week.”

The last thing on Casey's mind was food; he finally pried the two batteries out and replaced them with the dead ones in quick, frantic motions. He clicked it altogether and sighed.


He couldn't help from jumping a little, hearing Zeke directly behind the bathroom door. “Um…” he blurted, tossing the toy back where he'd found it. The batteries were shoved in his pocket, but the doorknob clicked--shit, shit shit…

Using quick thinking, Casey snatched up his 'Bath & Body Works' beeswax hand cream and brought it out, just as Zeke poked his head through. “Hey… Whatcha doing?” Zeke asked.

“Ugh… the whole--winter thing, it's making my skin itch like a bitch,” Casey explained.

'Good boy!' the evil-minded voice congratulated.

“Yea… I might get some of that crap myself,” Zeke said, nodding to the bottle. “So, you hungry? I feel like I could beat a cow to death and eat it raw.”

“Yea, sure,” Casey replied, nodding while he rubbed a dollop of cream into his hands.

“Cool. Get your coat and let's motor, then,” Zeke said. He left the doorway and went back to the living room, letting Casey let out the breath he hadn't realized that he'd been holding.


Two days passed… and nothing.

Casey sat at his desk, loading the pictures from his digital camera into files. A heavy yawn escaped him, making him clamp his hand over his mouth. He'd regretted staying up last night, forcing his eyes to stay open long after one a.m.; Zeke really had wanted to watch that late night movie, like he'd said. Damn it.

“Hey there.”

Casey looked up and found Diane standing by his cubicle, looking over the wall at him. “Hey back… what's up?” he asked.

“Not too much--just wanted to warn ya, Gil is on the rampage. You'd better mail those pics of the mayor's speech by three, or he'll eat you alive.”

“Done and done,” Casey said, going into his e-mail account.

“Good. So…” Diane started, stirring her coffee. “Anything yet?”

“With what?”

“'With what', he says… with what I've asked about the last few days.”

With a chuckle, Casey rubbed his eyes and waited while the files loaded into the mail message. “You're… a bit too curious about my boyfriend's new hobby.”

“Hey, it was my idea. I just wanna see if it worked yet or not,” she answered.

“Well, it hasn't. He's turned into a priest, it seems. It's been either late night movies or beer, instead of sex or 'playing',” he said; realizing he'd spoken a bit louder than he'd wanted to, Casey blushed and looked around.

Diane giggled. “No one heard you… never mind how vanilla what you talk about is, anyway,” she said.

“Eh, shuddup.”


Casey couldn't help a smile in hearing Gil's annoyed-sounding voice calling out to her. Diane swallowed and backed away from Casey's cubicle, giving him a quick 'Later!' and a wink.


“Do you wear… like, seven pairs of underwear at the same time?”

Casey looked up from the spaghetti he cooked to Zeke, frowning. “Huh?”

Zeke groaned as he shut the basement door. “There was a JC Penney's underwear section in the fuckin' hamper,” he grumbled.

“Well, some of us can't go 'commando' like SOME people,” Casey teased.

“So you have to wear layers? Ain't that cold out. And I wear boxers, sometimes,” Zeke retorted.


Zeke smiled and walked over. He hopped onto the counter; leaning over the stove, he raised his eyebrows. “Spaghetti and meatballs?”

“Just spag, with meat sauce.”

“Whatta gyp,” Zeke replied while snatching an apple from the basket next to him.

“Hey, I work my ass off all day…”

“I don't see how, with all the 'Calvin Klein' you slap onto it,” Zeke interrupted, wearing an impish grin.

“Oh fuck's sake… get your stanky ass off the counter,” Casey spat, smacking Zeke's arm with the sauce-covered wooden spoon.

“Watch it, you…” Zeke warned, but hopped down anyway.

“What, your ass? I do enough of that already,” Casey retorted, sticking his tongue out for good measure.

“No thanks, I use toilet paper.” Zeke said, tapping Casey's tongue with his finger before the boy retracted it.

“You'd better, disgusting freak.”

“Shut up and make me my dinner, bitch,” Zeke said, trying his best not to laugh as he all but ran from the room. Casey could only shoot deadly glares at his back, but chuckled anyway.

'Guess it's all for easier access,' he thought, looking through the half-wall to watch Zeke walk over to the couch--staring at his backside, really. Casey rolled his eyes at himself and chuckled.


He'd been too tired to stay up any later than eleven; Casey snuggled closer into the pillow, feeling at ease as he began drifting off. Yet more movies needed to be watched by Zeke, making him feel a bit lonely. Still, sleep was in order, more than anything else.

His eyes had just begun to fuzz out into dreamland when a sudden small crash came from the living room. His head snapped up, hearing Zeke gasp and curse. “Zeke?” he called. A reply didn't come, making Casey frown. Hoping everything was okay, Casey decided to go check on him.

“Zeke?” he called again, once in the hallway. In the few steps from the bedroom to living room, he heard a panicked sort of scrambling, things getting moved around quickly. Casey only caught the tiniest glimpse of the TV screen before it got shut off in a rush.

But it was enough.

“Hey… sorry,” Zeke said, sounding winded.

“Hey…” Casey said, cocking his head to the side. “Everything okay?”

“Yea, yea… just um, broke a glass,” Zeke said, leaning down to pick up a large, broken shard, covered in the soda he'd been drinking.

“What were you watching?”

“Same movie as before.”

“No it wasn't.”

Zeke looked up from toweling off the floor with his eyebrows turned down hard. “Huh…?”

“I highly doubt Stallone gets his ass stretched by two cocks in 'Rocky', Zeke,” Casey said.

Silence reigned a moment as Zeke stared blankly at the boy--until finally, a nervous smile and chuckle came from him. “Pfft, fine… I was watching porn,” he answered.



“Your boxers are on backwards.”

Zeke dropped his eyes and jaw, seeing the 'evidence'. “Um…”

“Where is it?” Casey asked abruptly.

“Where's what?” Zeke asked back, sounding annoyed now.

“The 'toy'. Where is it?” Casey asked. Zeke visibly paled now, making Casey roll his eyes. “Uh huh, big secret, I know…”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Zeke blurted.

“Come on… do I have to look for it myself?” Casey asked. He moved closer, getting around the couch. “Where'd you put it, under the cushions?”

“Casey… stop it, c'mon…” Zeke nearly whined out, trying to get in Casey's way.

“Maybe under the couch…?” Casey said. He lifted a cushion, which made Zeke clench his jaw tight.

“Stop it, Case--I mean it.”

“Or what?” Casey replied in question. “No, not there…”

“Cut it out!”

“How about this one--” Casey went to say as he got the other cushion up. He stopped dead in seeing the object that hopped from the back, landing with a small bump on the couch frame. “Oh my… God, what…”

Zeke hissed out a heavy, heated breath from his nose and ran his fingers through his hair. Casey dared to look closer, seeing what looked to be a giant… purple… long... “What… the hell…” he muttered. He looked to the elaborate control button console and swallowed. “A 'Scorpion… Stinger'?”

With another quick huff, Zeke bent down, picked it up and put it behind his back. “So what?”

“Why are you hiding it now? I've SEEN it, for God's sake!” Casey said.

“It's my stuff, that's why.”

“What, are you twelve suddenly?” Casey said, aghast. “Zeke, what're you doing?”

“How'd you know I had it? It just came today… what are you doing, checking the credit card bills or something?” Zeke asked angrily.

“No! I thought it was the other…”

Now Zeke went ghastly white. “What… 'other'…?”

“The… oh, for shit's sake,” Casey blurted. He stomped into the hall and got into the bathroom. In reaching into the closet, sure enough, he found the old toy and grabbed it. Storming back into the living room, he held it up for Zeke to see. “I found this last week or so, hiding behind the towels. And it's not MINE, so…”

Zeke watched him toss it onto the couch. He swallowed hard as he finally looked to Casey, pursing his lips a moment before speaking. “So you just… knew, huh?”


“And you didn't tell me?”

“Wha… ” Casey uttered, his eyes going wide. “I didn't… tell you? You didn't tell ME!”

“I have to tell you everything?” Zeke spat.

“You…” Casey started. He sputtered a little before throwing his hands up in frustration. “You could have told me about this!”

Zeke outright glared as he bent down, took the other toy and began walking off. Casey watched him walk to the bathroom and shove them into the closet. Rolling his eyes, Casey followed him. “What's the big deal, Zeke? Why are you hiding all of this?” he asked once in the doorway. Zeke had fallen mute; he went over to the sink and washed his hands briskly, staring into the sink. “Zeke… stop.”

“Stop what?” he asked in a tense voice.

“This… the stupid drama.”

Zeke stopped all movement, looking to be thinking hard. Turning back to Casey, his eyes narrowed. “You hid it.”


“That night--you hid it. Just to fuck with me.”

Knowing what Zeke referred to, Casey sighed. “Fine, yea, I did…”

“Then you broke it,” Zeke growled out.

“Wait… what?” Casey replied.

“Yea, you broke it. It doesn't work anymore, but you probably already know that.”

“It's not BROKEN, Zeke, God, I just…”

Well shit. If the look on Zeke's face wasn't that of murderous intent, Casey didn't want to know what was. “Just what?” Zeke asked, his expression darkening more and more.

“I… switched the batteries--took the good ones out and put the ones that--” Casey went to say--he stopped himself before he revealed the most damning part of that trick. “--That had gone dead in my CD player.”

Zeke nodded slowly, his face going into a scowling smile. “Wow… that must've been fun for you, fuckin' with me like that.”

The words stung Casey… yet he still had his OWN annoyances to deal with. “Yea, and all this time, what? You've been keeping this whole thing a secret, like it's a shameful sort of thing. So what, are you ashamed of me?”

“Huh? Wait…” Zeke started. “What the hell does all this have to do with you?”

“You won't even let me touch you there, like it's something that would KILL you to try. But you come into the bathroom, night after night, to the point where you secretly finger yourself to get off when we fuck!” Casey nearly yelled.

Zeke's eyes flared wide, then went into slits again. “This… all this is none of your goddamned business.”

“Sure as hell IS, Zeke. So how DO you see me when we're in bed, huh? When I put my ass in the air, is that disgusting to you?” Casey asked.

“What?” Zeke hissed angrily. “Where the FUCK are you getting all of this, for fuck's sake?”

“You're the one treating this like you're going to hell for it. Hiding it like some drug… whatever,” Casey said. “Me, you can play with all you like, who cares?”

“Okay… okay, I have no shitting idea on where you've taken this…”

It went quiet between them a moment; Casey leaned on the doorframe, staring Zeke down. He couldn't help from softening in seeing Zeke's confused, bewildered expression. Casey sighed and looked away. “You just… you know it's something I'd love to do, but you… DO this, you hide it from me and won't…” Casey went to explain. He couldn't seem to find the words; he scoffed and shook his head. “Whatever, I'm tired. Good night.”

He knew the way he'd moved from the door was with a bit of a flounce, but he didn't care. He padded back to the bedroom with quick steps, feeling tense and angry… even afraid. They'd never really had a real, honest-to-goodness fight before, not counting the small, petty arguments that came up from time to time. Perhaps it was time for that… it'd always been said that all good relationships had their occasional blow-ups. 'Maybe this relationship isn't as 'good' as I thought… oh STOP, what the fuck…' he thought to himself. Nevertheless, he crawled back into bed and put his back to the door.

It was quiet again, letting Casey stew. He would not be sleeping anytime soon, that was for certain. Everything felt too 'up in the air' and strained to do so. He tossed and turned for a small while, ignoring the small sounds Zeke made in the bathroom. He saw the light from the room shut off, then heard Zeke walking down the hall. When he arrived at the bedroom door, Casey went still, hoping to fake sleep.

Zeke walked into the room and over to the bed; Casey felt the end of it dip when Zeke sat down, sighing woefully. Faking sleep wasn't going to work, he figured. “What?” he asked dryly.

Now who's being dramatic?”

“I really don't care,” Casey replied, punching a pillow then burying his face in it. “Like I'd said... I'm really tired. Good night.”

“If you really think that I think you're disgusting for letting me fuck you, then I have no clue to how we've lasted this long,” Zeke blurted.

Casey turned his head back to look at Zeke, seeing his silhouette framed by the backboard. “What… do you want me to think, with all this hiding shit from me?” he asked. “You act like it's disgusting when I've wanted to do it to you, so what do you want me to think?”

“Like I said--it's got nothing to DO with you.”

“Yes it does, Zeke--”

“No it does not, Casey,” Zeke interrupted firmly. “I don't remember you being in charge of what I like or don't like--what I'm insecure about.”

“What the hell are you insecure about?” Casey asked. He sat up now, shaking his head and giving Zeke an incredulous expression. “We've been together for over four years! What is there that you can't feel secure about with me?”

Zeke groaned loudly and put his head back. “It has… nothing… to… do… with… you,” he said haltingly.

“The whole 'it's not you it's me' thing?”


“That's not cliché or anything,” Casey grumbled.

“Look… Case… I love fucking your ass,” Zeke said in all blatancy. “I fuckin' do. Not because it's dirty and… well, it CAN be, but that's not the point…”

Casey rolled his eyes and flopped onto his back, looking to Zeke with a bored expression. “Uh huh…”

“You're goddamned gorgeous when I fuck you, Case. Everything about you and sex--you were made for it. Everything about it. Me?” he continued, rolling his eyes and sitting up further. “Picture me getting it up the ass. Go ahead and try, without laughing.”

Casey stared hard at Zeke, his eyelashes fluttering with confusion. “I've been dying to see you like that,” he said.

“Right,” Zeke sarcastically replied.

“What? I DO. I was ready to sneak down the hall the other night when I heard you in the bathroom…” he said, stopping abruptly and biting his lip. “Y'now.”

“Uh huh.”

“I was… I wanted to see you like that, Zeke. God's sake, why wouldn't I?”

Zeke shrugged and looked away, tapping his knee with his fingers. “I'm not like you, like that, Case. Okay? My sex face is fuckin' scary when I'm doing the fucking. I don't want to think of how it looks when I'm getting fucked.”

“I love your sex face, what the fuck are you talking about?” Casey sputtered out.

“Riiight…” Zeke drawled.

“God, honestly…” Casey started, grunting as he sat up. “You do this… thing, it's so fuckin' sexy…”

“All right, shut up,” Zeke said, almost smiling.

Casey saw this and smiled in full. “No, no… it's like… right before you blow it, I always get to see it--since I always go first, or twice,” he said. He then closed his eyes and snarled his lip, shaking it a little. Making a few groans, he almost smiled wider. “Like that… you get so damned into it, all thrusting and… stuff.”

“I've seen my sex face, so stop trying to make me feel better.”

“Come ON, I've seen it way more times than you have,” Casey replied. “Why can't you see that?”

“Cos' I can't. That's all,” Zeke said, putting his head back and looking at Casey through slits of eyes. “And it's got nothing to do with you.”

Casey blinked a few times; Zeke really didn't see what he did. But how could he not. “Zeke…” Casey breathed out, almost sadly so. He leaned up into a kneel, then crawled over the blankets to his boy. Getting close, he slipped his legs over Zeke's thighs and rested there with a sigh. “Do you really, really think you're not the sexiest beast I've ever seen?”

This made Zeke snort and look to the side. “I'm not bad, but…”

“But nothing,” Casey interrupted. He traced his fingers on Zeke's face, touching along his ear and down. “I'm just gonna say it… I don't care if you don't like it. Imagining you taking me in, letting me just… fuck you…” Casey hissed out, now leaning in close to brush his lips by Zeke's ear. He felt a definite shiver in Zeke's arms, along with his skin going goose fleshed at the words. “I'm better than any toy on the market. Fuck batteries.”

Zeke smiled shakily. “I… dunno about that. Those things are pretty… complicated.”

Casey raised his eyebrows. “Oh? Some double-A equipped rubber dick is better than me?” he asked. “I think you need some learnin', boy.”

Zeke didn't have time to thwart Casey's sudden attack; he was practically thrown on his back with a quick, calculated twist of Casey's legs and hips. Zeke yelped out, bouncing twice then going pinned by Casey's body, looming over him now. “Case…” Zeke chuckled out, sounding nervous and shaky. “I… don't think…”

“No, don't. Don't think,” Casey told him. His smile faded as he lowered his mouth to Zeke's, kissing him gently. Zeke's own nervous grin disappeared as they began mouthing each other. It was slow, quiet--at first. When Casey's hands grabbed onto Zeke's hips, urgency grew, and the kiss became harder and faster.

Before Zeke got any ideas, Casey put a hand between his thighs; he slid it down slowly, coming to rest in the bend of his leg and hip. Zeke stilled a little and clenched, especially when Casey touched lower, lower… “Casey…” he murmured, sounding not-so-sure. That alone seemed like music to the boy, who moved up to put his forehead to Zeke's.

“Wanna see how gorgeous you are?” Casey said, almost cooing the words out. Before Zeke could respond, Casey dipped his fingers past the cloth of Zeke's boxers, going past his balls to…

“Case…!” Zeke irked, though his legs parted further.

“Relax, baby…” Casey said. He kissed the side of Zeke's nose and sighed. “Gonna be so good to you. So fucking good. Gonna let me be good to you?”

Angels sang and the planets aligned, as finally--finally--Casey felt Zeke's usual, hardheaded resolve crumble in just one nod.


“Three times.”


“Then twice with the toy.”


“And you didn't call me to videotape it? What a shitty friend YOU are.”

Casey almost snorted the sip of coffee he'd taken through his nose. Rubbing it with the back of his hand, he turned to Diane with a huge grin. “I tell you enough!” he said.

“Talk is cheap, m'friend,” she said, cocking an eyebrow his way as she took a gulp of her bottled soup. “This is the kinda stuff people pay money to see, y'now.”

“I've been waiting over four years for this to happen… I really don't think that Zeke would've been willing to let strangers watch us--”

“Strangers? I'm a stranger? C'mon!”

“You know what I mean!”

“Oh, pish. You're no fun at all,” Diane lamented.

“Hey now, I supply the goods for your nosiness, and you know it,” Casey said.

“Yea, yea, yea…”

“Hey… was hoping you'd be here,” a new voice spoke; Casey looked up, finding Zeke walking over from the other side of the fountain.

“Oh! Hey, yea… just having lunch,” Casey said, raising his coffee. “Wasn't expecting to see you today.”

“Yea, I know--hey Diane,” Zeke said.

Casey was ready to kick the girl with the knowing grin she wore. She managed to nod, however. “Heya Zeke.”

“Hey… so yea, just letting ya know, going home early. Can barely stay awake,” Zeke said.

Diane snorted a little, then covered it up with a quick, “just choked on a piece of carrot… my soup…” when she saw Casey's look of death. “Okay… feeling all right?” Casey asked.

“Oh yea, fine… great,” Zeke said.

Christ, he was still glowing… Casey smiled and leaned back. “All right. Throw some of the Chinese in the microwave for when I get home,” he said.

“Sure,” Zeke said. He leaned down for a quick kiss, then stayed by Casey's ear. “I um… got another toy in the mail…”

“You've been busy,” Casey whispered back.

“Wanna try it after dinner?”

Casey bit his lip to keep from giggling. “Sure,” he said.

“No secrets, boys,” Diane suddenly chided.

Zeke sighed, still nuzzling his nose into Casey's hair. “You blabbed, didn't you?”

“Maybe,” Casey murmured.

“Ya runt,” Zeke said. He gave Casey's cheek a pinch as he stood up. “All right, I'm jetting. Bye, Diane.”


“Bye, Blabbermouth,” he directed Casey's way as he walked off, putting a cigarette past his smile.

Casey watched him go, along with Diane, who sighed and shook her head. “Lucky bastard,” she grumbled playfully.

“That I am,” Casey mumbled, aching to know what sort of 'surprise' would be waiting for him when he got back home.

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