Title: Literally
Author: honeyandvinegar
Pairing: Casey/Zeke
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Zeke's a patient guy, but he knows what he wants.
Disclaimer: I own nothing--all fantasy on my end.
Author's Notes: Fun and fluff.

Contrary to popular belief, Zeke was a very patient guy when it came to sex. He'd dated many girls, but had only truly slept with two. He wasn't a slut, and he didn't expect the girls he'd with to be, either. He liked to talk dirty when it was just a grope-session, sure; he's good at what he does, but the girls in Herrington are much different than the rest of the world it seemed. There'd only been one girl in three years that had gotten pregnant as a student. Herrington High was proud of the fact that most of their students were clean-cut, respectable people.

When Zeke finally decided to delve into long-hidden tastes, he knew what that could bring. 'Gay activities' were frowned upon--something that wasn't different from the rest of the world. He knew to shut up and simply watch, taking note of certain students to see if there was anyone like him. It had almost taken too long, with Zeke considering going to some town hundreds of miles away to get a fix for his growing desires.

The answer had been right in front of his face the entire time. Perhaps that was why; with Casey coming over all the time to hang out, or go out, it'd been too out-of-focus to realize. Zeke started growing steadily convinced, however, that perhaps Casey had the same ideas. Not obvious things like marching in a 'Gay Pride' parade, dressed as some Chiquita-Banana lady lookalike, but just--small things. Almost unnoticeable things. What they were, Zeke didn't really even know. All he DID know was that even if Casey wasn't gay, there was no harm in trying.

They'd been on his couch watching a movie together one night, while a huge electrical storm raged outside. The ultimate cliche came into play when the lights flickered, dimmed, and flashed, until finally, they died out completely. Television off and nothing but darkness.

He'd heard Casey's sigh and the clink of ice in Casey's glass of soda. After a small bit of silence, Zeke had cleared his throat.

"Case?" he'd murmured shakily. He hadn't wanted to look at the boy, muted moonlight casting a small glow over Casey's pale skin. Instead, he'd let his hand fall on Casey's thigh, staying still for a moment.

"Um... what're you doing?" Casey had asked through a small series of chuckles. He'd thought Zeke was joking, but when Zeke swallowed and finally turned to him, the silhouetted smile Casey had been wearing fled his face.

Their first kiss was beautiful; it was as if it was an expected thing, the only conclusion either one of them could come up with. Zeke's hands had went to Casey's face, holding him close and brushing the hairs around Casey's ears with his fingertips. With Casey egging him on with a grab at his neck, the kiss had deepened and pushed harder. Casey had shuddered when Zeke's left hand traveled lower, squeezing the boy's shoulder and sliding down his arm. He usually wasn't so bold in 'feeling up' during a first time, but he couldn't help it.

But the deduction was simple; Casey didn't have boobs, so Zeke rubbing his hand and fingers into his chest was okay. The small swell of flesh had felt so good, so warm through the thin t-shirt Casey wore. Casey had rocked a little, his lips still mouthing Zeke's as Zeke kept at it, finally swirling his thumb over a hardening nipple. This had worked for a few minutes, but when he couldn't help himself from reaching under the shirt, Casey had grabbed the roaming hand. He pulled away from the kiss and smiled sheepishly.

"Zeeeke..." he'd drawled.

The bashful tone of his voice had made Zeke smile; the boy was shy, and it was delightful; so for the rest of the time before the lights and TV had shot back on, they'd kissed and made simple, light touches of each other. Delightful. Zeke hadn't needed more that night--getting to finally fucking have what he'd been looking for was enough.

They'd turned into blushing boys at school, especially after sharing the norm of 'between class kisses', stealing them when they'd end up in an empty boy's room. Innocence and 'no rush' aside, Zeke regretted not having gym class with his boy. Getting glimpses in the showers would have been wonderful. Yet still--no rush.

After a week of this, Casey spent that next Friday night at Zeke's. This time, they'd shared Zeke's bed. He'd brought his pajamas, and they were worn--the bottoms of them, anyway. A warm, bare-chested Casey had to be the most soothing, beautiful thing for Zeke to squeeze into, to press warm kisses against. Both of them had obviously gotten hard--it'd been predictable enough. But they'd both been content with heavy kisses and petting, above the belt, anyway. That was, if you didn't count gripping of hips and swift moves on Zeke's part, getting Casey to a sit on his waist. It'd made them giggle profusely as their hands locked together, mock struggling and shoving more kisses at each other.

The next day, Zeke had been greeted with both a sunshine filled Saturday morning and a sleeping boy at his side. He'd taken great delight in brushing a finger just under Casey's nose, making him flinch and snort in sleepy-protest. When Casey had woken up to find Zeke nearly digging his finger in a nostril, he'd yelled in a thick voice and pounced. More fake fighting and tickle-wars, more laughs... exactly how Zeke would have loved to wake up the last few years. When it had died down, Casey sighed and brought his nose to his armpit.

"Ew," he'd said.

"Smelly boy."

"Need a shower," Casey had replied. He'd taken a long look Zeke's way and blushed profusely. "Wanna... share?"

Zeke had held back the urge to grab the boy, throw him over his shoulder and rush to the bathroom. He would've had them under the showerhead fully clothed in his excitement, needing to peel soaked clothes off. He fought the ridiculous impulse and they sauntered to the room.

Zeke had taken charge of getting the shower ready, and then turned to watch Casey undress while he dropped his own clothes. The boy's blush had gone from his cheeks to... well, his cheeks when they'd gotten fully undressed. "Never... done this before," Casey had irked out. Zeke had cocked an eyebrow and pulled the curtain back.

Just being allowed to get wet and soapy with Casey had been enough to make Zeke excited, and it'd showed. "You're fuckin' stabbing me with it," Casey had chuckled out during one long embrace, which had made Zeke's gone-hard cock press just under Casey's navel.

"It just likes you," Zeke had replied with a wink. "Anyway... yours is skewering my thigh."

Casey had smiled, all innocence and purity standing before Zeke in moist, naked form. Zeke had fallen in love with pinked cheeks alone, never mind the rest of his body. Every small curve and dip, the taste of lips, sweet, musky skin...

But again, nothing had gone past making out, shampooing each other, and washing each other's skin as well. Zeke could wait; it'd be hella-fucking-HARD to, with just the way water had beaded on Casey's lashes and curled-up lips, but he'd do it. After their shower was finished, they'd eaten sugary cereal in their towels, while watching Saturday morning cartoons.



The dynamic shifted. Friday, two weeks in... and Casey was ravenous in his need for touch.

"God," he said, or rather growled into Zeke's ear as he took full enjoyment of Zeke's tongue on his neck. No one ever came out here, Casey had assured Zeke, so it was perfect. Even if someone wandered out onto the field, their hiding place under the bleachers was enough, and they'd hear footsteps coming along the sandy walkways. Zeke kept a lit cigarette on one of the rails as a 'just in case'. He would rather get in trouble for smoking on school grounds, hiding out to do so with his friend... rather than have a student stumble upon them, seeing no reason why Zeke was under the bleachers with his lover.

Zeke pressed them closer together, sucking hard on Casey's shoulder--easy enough to hide, and so far, the most delicious little part Casey had. He didn't know why, it just WAS. He made a purposeful lapping near the crease of his underarm, making Casey jolt back in his arms.

"Fuckin' jerk," he said, all narrowed eyes and smiling.

"Aw... not nice."

"I wanna fuck."

'Whoa... THAT was... outta fuckin' nowhere...' Zeke thought. "Huh?"

"I wanna... stop just messing around, and--y'now..."

Zeke blinked hard. "Um..."

Casey's smile faded; he looked embarrassed now as he shrugged. "If you don't want to, I mean, that's okay."

"No," Zeke blurted. Knowing he sounded way too excited, he laughed a little. "No, that's--that's fine, but... here?"

"No!" Casey spat incredulously, now going into a giggle fit. "I mean... like, tonight. At your place. My parents said I could stay again, if you wanted me to."

Oh, by all that was glorious and beautiful. "Hells yea," Zeke muttered.


It was awkward, at first. Both had the knowledge of what was to happen of course, and the giggling wouldn't stop because of it. They bumped noses when they kissed, had trouble getting out of their shirts... again, it was just perfect. An awkward kind of perfect, but perfect.

The tittering laughter died out once Zeke gave Casey deep, passionate kisses, Casey returning them with fervor. Zeke sank back on the pillows, letting Casey move up to straddle his legs. The angle was just right for their denim-clad groins to meet; Zeke pushed up and down, causing sweet friction between them both. Casey's lips drew away to exhale a moan, his face turning to nuzzle his cheek against Zeke's.

"Touch me," he whispered.

Hells yea, Zeke wanted to say again, but chose instead to let his trembling fingers undo Casey's belt buckle. The boy stiffened all over as Zeke fought with strained buttons and zip, one part of Casey being the most rigid. His breath shook as he reached past the waist of cloth, finding Casey's cock. His fingertips went slick in sliding over the weeping tip then wrapped gently around the shaft.

"Yea," Casey breathed out, nuzzling his cheek to Zeke's ear and hair. Zeke rested his chin upon Casey's shoulder, turning his lips to the boy's neck.

"Ever done this?" he asked.

"N-No," Casey stammered.

"I'm your first for... all of this... stuff?" Zeke said, words halting with lovely disbelief. Casey's nod made him feel woozy. Lovely, virgin flesh, all for him--first in line to have done everything up until now... now being the most of that 'everything' so far.

Casey bent back, allowing Zeke to see between the boy's legs fully. Yes, the boy was nicely endowed. Getting to see it now convicted Zeke's hypothesis that he'd made all this time. He himself wasn't that bad; at least he hoped Casey would see things that way. He was soon to find out, with the way Zeke's own jeans were being undone.

Casey's lips parted in taking Zeke's cock in hand and stroking it. They both sat together, sleepy-eyed and dizzied with their mutual touching, groping, leaning in for more kisses. It wasn't long before they both decided that enough was enough, and they needed to get the fuck out of anything that prevented full body-to-body cover.

With Casey still perched atop Zeke, looking down on him with a sweet and somber smile, Zeke thought he'd never seen Casey before in his life. Gone was the slightly gawky boy that would disappear in school hallways--even just seeing him without his camera strapped to his neck was so, so different and wonderful. With a hand to Casey's face, Zeke brushed at his lips with his thumb. "Wanna..." he went to say, taking a quick nod to his groin. "Get me ready for you?"

Casey sighed; with the world's most beautiful smile, he shimmied down Zeke's legs and put his hands to Zeke's thighs. Zeke squirmed a little as they were parted, and Casey's mouth lowered to his throbbing, aching cock.

Oh yes, FUCK yes, the way... oh GOD, it felt good. So fucking good. Zeke had anticipated those full, rosy lips to do such a thing, wanting and needing the innocent but talented mouth to wrap around the head of his dick. He'd fantasized, wondering if Casey deep-throated. That'd be so damned nice, but he wouldn't expect it at the moment. 'We can practice that,' he thought, almost chuckling.

Casey busied himself with licking the underside, swirling his tongue in snake-like movements. His eyes looked up to meet Zeke's, wide and looking for approval. Zeke put his hand to Casey's hair and ran his fingers through the strands. "Good, baby... s-so good," he shook out.

The boy's eyes fluttered closed, one hand stroking the base of Zeke's cock, the other bringing his fingers to his lips. He paused in his long, slippery licking to suck two fingers and bring them down...

WHOA. "Whoa!" Zeke yelped, jolting himself away. No... Casey... Casey hadn't...

"What?" Casey asked, lifting his head and licking his lower lip.

"You just... put your finger... you went to put it in my ass," Zeke said with the most confused, incredulous expression on his face.

Casey blinked, over and over again. "You said... you wanted to have sex...?"

"YEA, but..."

"And you asked me to get you ready...?"

Oh good shitting Christ. Zeke fought for words, finally settling on whatever he had left that could come out coherently enough. "Meant... my dick, for you," he blurted.

"Your dick?"



Did he really not realize... not think that it'd be ZEKE doing the 'grunt work'? "Casey, I just--didn't you mean, 'I want you to fuck me'?"

"No. I'd said 'I wanna fuck'. I didn't..." Casey suddenly trailed off. His face went blank for just a moment, until a widening smile cam over his face. "Ohh... you thought you were going to fuck me."

"Well... yea!"

"I didn't mean it THAT way, silly," Casey giggled out.

Zeke's eyes widened to the point of pain. "Well... I AM going to... right?"

"Going to what?"

"Fuck you... like, me, my dick... IN you..."

Casey looked to be in deep thought a moment. "Well, maybe."


"Yea, if we have the energy."

"Where would our energy go?"

"It might tire us out after I fuck you, but you might be virile enough," Casey said with a wink.


"Shhh," Casey hissed, putting a finger to Zeke's lips to shush him. "C'mon, baby. You'll like it. I know I will."

Zeke fell mute. Casey was sliding back down and...

He'd never assume anything again. Not ever again. No matter Casey's innocence he'd projected, the boy was a devious motherfucker. Either that, or he was innocent about his innocence. Whatever Zeke was going to ponder about it, he couldn't continue the thoughts anymore... not with one, two, three fingers going inside. Not with Casey looming over him, positioning and moving his dick carefully into him.

He was fucked. Figuratively and literally...

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