Title: Avskum
Author: honeyandvinegar
Pairing: Casey/Zeke
Rating: PG1
Synopsis: Zeke's proud of his sweet lil' geek.
Disclaimer: I own nothing--all fantasy on my end.
Author's Notes: Written for majblomma2000's birthday.

It's the first time Zeke's visited Casey since he left for college, even though it'd only been two weeks that he'd been gone. But Zeke couldn't help himself; he had gotten sick of moping around the house, trying to get his own shit together for the community college he was going to. It wasn't so hard, but he missed Casey a bit too much. Though Casey was going to be going home that next weekend, Zeke took the relatively easy drive to Purdue to have Casey all to himself… before the boy went back to Herrington to be deluged in parents, friends and general home-life.

Casey greeted him at the door to his dorm, full of hugs and smiles. Zeke wasn't so sure if a kiss was the right thing to give him in front of everyone around them, but Casey didn't seem to care. It was small and quick, but it fired up Zeke's lips all the same. He was then led inside, signed in and brought to the elevators.

It felt so good to just hold him, swaying slightly in a happy rhythm to ward off the very fast elevator's effects. "These things are TOO fast," Casey told him with a pout. "Otherwise, I'd fulfill my 'elevator fantasy'," Zeke reminded him that they HAD in fact filled that void for Casey that past summer, making the boy blush and murmur "Oh yea..."

When the doors opened on Casey's floor, the eighth, Zeke needed to jump back. The moment Casey stepped out, he was suddenly attacked by three other people, seemingly waiting there and wielding cans of silly string to cover Casey in bright yellow, pink, and green. Zeke's jaw clenched, readying himself to 'defend the boy at all costs', something he'd gotten used to doing at Herrington High. He didn't like the idea of Casey leaving that behind, only to find it when he stepped foot on his college campus.

The pleasant surprise of Casey's laughter and his own can of silly string emerging from his baggy jeans' pocket changed the tide. "Get behind me, get behind me!" Casey dramatically yelled to Zeke, pulling him by his jacket to hide behind a nearby brick wall.

"Rebel scum!" the girl of the group called, getting Casey in the ass as he got to Zeke, holding his can like a professional hitman. With a mischievous grin, Casey turned to Zeke and winked.

"It's 'Star Wars and Silly String' night," he explained. Once everyone's cans were emptied, Zeke got introduced to the 'Evil Empire'. It consisted of Gerri (or 'Admiral Piett,' tonight), Jack ('Grand Moff Tarkin') and Clayton ("Just some random fucking stormtrooper. I lost a bet.")

"And I, my friend, am 'Han Solo' tonight," Casey told Zeke with a cocky expression.

"It's cos' he's a total scoundrel," Gerri said with a giggle.

Casey leaned in a little, waggling his eyebrows. "You like me because I'm a scoundrel," Casey told her in a smooth, cool voice. She giggled harder at this, but they were interrupted then by two girls showing up out of nowhere with a can of silly string in each hand, yelling about the three evil Empire members blowing up Alderaan. Casey grabbed Zeke's arm to escape to his dorm room, shut the door behind them and laughed. Zeke didn't know how Casey went from high school geek to one of the coolest kid on his dorm room floor, but it made Zeke feel pretty awesome.

Well, he assumed they were ALL geeks here, but cool ones.

Now that they were settled in, Casey turned his computer on and stuck a Tootsie Roll pop in his mouth. "Let me get some music on-- I downloaded the most awesome German techno," he told him.

"I didn't show up for German techno," Zeke said, leaning back on Casey's small bed. Fuck... this was a small fucking bed...

"What did you show up for then, Mr. Tyler?" Casey asked while swiveling his desk chair to face him.

Only one thought graced Zeke's mind in watching him twirl the candy around in his mouth; Christ, the boy's a sexy motherfucker. "Not... German... techno," he drawled back.

Casey made a devilish grin and stood, sighing out long and low. Zeke felt the small knot in his throat, something that always formed when Casey would look at him, just like he was right now. "Nothing to do with my roomie visiting back home, does it?" he asked, nodding to the empty side of the dorm room.

"Nah," Zeke muttered. He grabbed Casey's belt and pulled him over slowly. "I came for the scoundrels."

"Aren't you in luck?" Casey said, now moving of his own will to get up and over Zeke's legs to straddle his waist. "I happen to be one."

Zeke had missed the feel of warm, denim-clad thighs rubbing against his own. God yes, he had. He'd missed Casey's dorky plaid shirts, and was glad he still wore them; glad to see the first two buttons at the top undone, letting Zeke see the pale, creamy skin of Casey's neck and shoulders. He began plucking the rest open, sighing in pure contentedness. "I don't have any 'Star Wars' pick-up lines; I hope that's okay," he murmured.

"Anything's okay," Casey said with the oh-so-familiar shudder in his voice. Zeke had also missed that. He didn't need to 'miss' a damned thing anymore-- not for right now, anyway. He was able to take the boy's pop from his mouth with one hand, pull him down by the neck with the other and taste the sweet, grape-flavored mouth being offered. Before getting here, his fantasies had run wild; he'd planned on grabbing Casey with violent, lustful intent the moment the dorm room's door had closed, tearing Casey's clothes off and fucking him through the wall. He didn't know if he was going to be able to make it THAT far to begin with...

But they had the whole weekend to do as they pleased, and right now, soft and slow seemed to be everything Zeke wanted. His boy always tasted better that way.

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