Title: Two On One
Author: honeyandvinegar
Pairing: Casey/Zeke
Rating: Light NC17
Synopsis: Violence turns erotic for dear, sweet and 'I'm hetero… right?' Casey.
Warnings: Schoolyard violence.
Disclaimer: I own nothing--all fantasy on my end.
Author's Notes: Birthday gift for gloryunderhill.

Casey could pinpoint the exact moment when he'd gone from 'maybe it's just hormones' to 'I am so fucking gay'. He'd been too scared to admit things to himself and dealing with his own wandering eyes the last four or five years, ever since 'changing for gym' had become a school staple. Even if the jocks at school messed with him constantly, his insides would heat up in seeing them shower. Yet even with all of that, Casey had buried his demons deep.

He'd tried crushing on girls. Delilah was safe, seeing as she'd never consider Casey as a boyfriend. He could stare at her, showing off his puppy-dog eyes when she was around enough to convince fellow students that while he was a dork, he was a heterosexual dork. Surprisingly, he'd actually broken a heart. Carly Benton, a band geek, had asked him to the Sadie Hawkins dance his sophomore year. He'd said no, of course; he had a cheerleader waiting for him. Carly had been pissed, knowing about Casey's 'pie in the sky' dreams... dreams that really, in the end, were absolute bullshit.

Even with all the nagging feelings--the knowledge of his deliberate cover-ups, the way his dick jumped when towels in the locker room would drop--Casey stayed stalwart and true to his design for years. No matter how many beat-downs he'd received, getting the usual abrasive insults with the words 'Nancy-Boy' or 'fag', there wasn't any proof. The inside of his locker had two pictures of Delilah, along with random magazine cutouts of Alicia Silverstone and Kate Winslet. Perfect cover.

So of course, it had to be the one day that Casey had lunch with everyone else that everything he'd tried... his locker, fake crushes... came to a screeching halt.

He'd been halfway through his peanut butter and jelly sandwich when it'd started. Loud yells had come from the parking lot, growing closer and closer until the source of it all appeared. Two boys from Casey's class and Zeke Tyler, a senior, were arguing loudly and glaring at each other. Casey couldn't make out exactly what had been said; all he knew was that someone had scratched someone's car. It hadn't taken long to figure out who'd wronged whom.

His eyes had gone wide in seeing Zeke shove Marcus Gamby's shoulder, pushing him into the other boy there, Daryl Woodbury. No one messed with them. They had tank-sized fists, ones Casey knew very, very well. Their focus was nowhere near Casey today, however.

Before anyone knew it, both Zeke and Marcus were grappling at each other, throwing punches and kicks. Casey was close by, but was almost trampled by excited onlookers. The usual chanting of 'fight, fight, fight!' began, getting mixed with 'kick his ass!' or 'throw that asshole down!' Seeing as those cheering such things were on the team, it was obvious who was being encouraged.

Even with the taunts, or people even giving Zeke small kicks and pushes to distract him from the now two assailants with Daryl jumping in, Zeke's focus didn't waver. Casey found himself shivering at the vicious display. With Daryl on Zeke's back, trying to aim knuckles into Zeke's face, Marcus received a heavy beating. He was simply unable to get Zeke off his stomach, or to deflect Zeke's well-aimed punches to the face. It took all of Daryl's strength to get Zeke away, wrenching him back by his hair and t-shirt.

It was like watching porn suddenly. Casey half-expected a large tub of Jell-o to show up underneath them as Zeke's shirt tore down the front, exposing his chest and stomach. Daryl's legs wrapped quickly around Zeke's waist and pinned him, allowing Marcus to get a few blows in.

'It looks like... they're fucking,' Casey thought, trying to swallow the heavy lump in his throat as the boys rolled around in the dust. Marcus had only gotten two punches to Zeke's stomach before Zeke threw his head back, hard, bashing into Daryl's face; Marcus was suddenly kicked at just as forcefully with both feet, sending him flat on his back. The yells and howls became deafening as Daryl's body went limp, letting Zeke go. In one whirl of movement, Zeke was back on his feet and scowling down at the two of them.

In the few seconds between Zeke's standing and the teachers finally taking notice of the goings-on, Casey had become entranced by the small stream of blood going from a cut under Zeke's eye to his cheek. His eyes had traveled lower, resting on Zeke's left nipple.

When the unbidden thought of 'I want to lick him,' had danced into Casey's brain, it was instant acceptance. It still scared him to pieces to acknowledge, but once the fight ended and the boys were dragged to the principal's office, Casey had gone back into the school to finish the last ten minutes of lunch in a bathroom stall.

It had taken less than half that to get himself off, using just the imagery of licking Zeke's chest and neck to curl his toes in his sneakers. He smiled and almost laughed when he was done. After he'd washed his hands, the warning bell for sixth period went off, and he'd gone to his locker to get his trigonometry book. The pictures had also been stripped from the inside, leaving it blank.

'Clean slate,' he'd thought as he shut it. He felt like a butterfly.

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