Title: Boys In Cars
Author: honeyandvinegar
Pairing: Casey/Zeke
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Old habits are hard. Just that.
Disclaimer: I own nothing--all fantasy on my end.
Author's Notes: Written for aranel80's birthday.

It's something they do, and Casey can't figure out why. He doesn't think it's all that uncommon, really, but the fact that he's doing it boggles his mind.

He's sure he's not the first person in the world to give himself a hand-job in the presence of another guy, who's doing the same thing for himself. There have been plenty of 'tales', where two guys would jack off together while reading porn mags-- it didn't mean they were gay, just excited over imagery that they happened to look at, same place, same time.

But the Friday night ritual-- every Friday night ritual-- of coming to this drive-in theater, a few towns away from Herrington, has turned into one of those porn-mag scenarios; only there's no porn. It's been going on for months now. Casey's mapped out the routine...

They hop in the car right after school and take off; Casey's parents don't mind this at all. Saving the world did things... at any rate, they talk and laugh about their day, whether it's annoying classes and the teachers teaching them, or Delilah's complete lack of logic when it came to everyday things. They make a quick stop to get cigarettes and coffee somewhere, and then drive on, all the way to the 'Ravenna Drive-In Theater'. It's one of the last ones in Ohio, if not the whole country.

They walk to the food stand and get popcorn, soda, what whatever else. Zeke always buys, so Casey doesn't push it-- even if Zeke doesn't give a shit either way. On one night, they'd come later than they usually did, and Zeke had practically shoved a chilidog down Casey's throat to rid the boy of his stomach rumblings. It'd been one of the best meals Casey had ever had.

It's back to the car after that; the popcorn only gets about halfway down the bag before it's put down and Zeke kicks a foot up by the window. Casey puts the seat back a bit and relaxes, watching whatever ridiculous movie is on. It's always a classic flick, one that would be most likely featured on 'Mystery Science Theater 3000'. So it doesn't make any sense that Zeke will make his signature small, grunting sigh and unzip his jeans, every damned time they come out here.

"Just frustrated," he'd said the very first time they'd come out here and he'd done the odd act. Casey had stayed perfectly still, trying to focus on the movie playing, 'Robot Monster'. Not exactly wank material... it was kind of creepy, actually, in a bad-movie way.

Yet hearing the motions and sounds from the left had made Casey's own cock swell, and there was only one thing for the good, all-American Connor boy to do. He remembers Zeke's tiny, triumphant grin when Casey joined along. Nothing unusual-- at all, nothing unusual at all. From that night on, Casey joins in, always cumming first. It's as if Zeke waits for him, for whatever reason.

'It Conquered the World' is the movie on now, and once again, it's not dick hardening or anything. Still, Zeke's rubbing the front of his jeans, dipping his fingers between his legs and making smooth, pressing motions. Casey's started to worry the last few weeks; maybe it wasn't that bad to do this sort of thing together... that it wasn't homosexual of them, but he's been trying very hard to not look. His eyes get dry from staring ahead through the windshield, and the films are always so, so boring, even with the B-movie funniness...

It isn't long before Zeke's jeans are open and his hand's inside, stroking away. Instead of the 'don't do drugs' PSAs that Casey grew up with, he's starting to wonder if THIS sort of peer-pressure should have been talked about. He could see Nancy Reagan on national TV now: "Just say 'Zeke, put your dick back in your pants!'" It's a bit disturbing.

He caves, as always. With a shuddering breath, Casey undoes his belt and buttons. Reaching past the waist of his briefs makes him shiver, risky-pleasure finding him... as always. He doesn't take note of how he's learned a few things from the young man next to him, however simple they may be. From small ball-grabs to flicks to the moist tip, Casey's done much more than jack off with a friend around. He feels like he's sitting back at school, learning.

Casey's making it lazier than usual tonight. He doesn't feel any pressure now, actually feeling free and unbothered. His head cocks to the side and rests on the arm outstretched beside his head, the fingers at his hair scratching lightly at his scalp. His other hand grips gently along his shaft, moving up and down in small yanks. While flying alien-bat-robot… whatever creatures attack people in the small B-movie town, Casey's thinking of how good this arrangement is. Yea... it's good-- nothing like jerking off in a muscle car with your best friend. He can't remember when his perspectives shifted. Excitement used to be fantasizing about making love with a girl in his bedroom; nowadays, when his alarm clock goes off on Friday mornings, he's already hard and aching with anticipation.

Casey hisses and goes to jerk a little faster, but is suddenly stopped from doing so-- doing anything. It takes a moment or two for him to realize that he hasn't ceased this activity by his own will, and the cock he's now grabbing is NOT his own.

His eyes flash open and his head turns, settling on the sight of Zeke forcing his hand down his opened jeans. The war in his head is maddening... 'Pull away, what the fuck is he doing! Oh my fucking HELL, he's huge! You knew that! Pull away! Yell 'what the fuck are you doing!?' Oh my God, oh my... I'm touching Zeke's cock! STOP! No, fuck you! Stop! Stop, stop, STOP!'

Zeke growls and turns his narrowed eyes to Casey. The boy is frozen to the spot, his body half-off the seat towards Zeke. His chest and neck strains to keep upright, to keep doing this... even if he's not doing a damned thing. It's Zeke's show at the moment, and he's playing it out for everything it's worth. As Zeke grows more insistent, Casey lets his fingers curl around the long, strong muscle to make Zeke's workload lighter. He sees Zeke's eyes flash wide for just a second, and then they settle back into the dark, wicked gaze.

Casey's right hand subconsciously wanders to his own lap to make awkward strokes at his cock. He's a 'lefty' when it comes to this stuff, but Zeke seems to like left hands... a lot. The side of Casey's palm takes the pleasurably beating from Zeke's hips as they thrust up; it then feels like fire wraps around his fingers as Zeke cums, splashing Casey's hand erratically. Casey can't help the small whimpering coos as his eyes drop to witness this. Oh God. He wants a picture... his camera's in the back. Zeke would kill him, though...

The motions stop. Zeke's body relaxes back into the seat as he brings out a handful of tissues from his pocket. He lets Casey's hand go, which falls along Zeke's thigh in a dead fashion. For a moment, Casey has to think on what happened in the last minute.

'We're not just jerk-off buddies anymore... are we?'

He almost scowls to himself; sure.

'You've been used. Your hand just replaced the plastic doll he probably keeps under the bed...'

Casey's suddenly all yelps and confusion as the movie screen jolts out of his vision. The only thing he DOES see now is the car's roof, the dark gray fabric coming off a little by the door... why he's paying attention to THAT, when...

Those are hands. Hard, rough hands are gripping his thighs, pushing them down with his hips. Something hot and wet is over his dick, sliding... a tongue, sliding, over...

Casey has to lift his head and look down to make sure that yes, Zeke Tyler is mouthing his dick. Zeke Tyler is lapping around the head of it and making breathy moans, washing hot air over Casey's groin. Casey IS flat on his back with the passenger seat reclined all the way, and Casey IS having his very first blowjob. He's loving his very first blowjob, oh FUCK yes. It's going too fast, however, and pleasure goes into panic.

Surely... no, he SURELY can't cum down Zeke's throat. That'd be taking things too far. "Zeke, I'm g-g-gon-gonna..." he stammers out while pushing gently at Zeke's forehead. The young man doesn't move or falter in his onslaught; Casey would kick him away if he could, but the pressure from strained denim and Zeke's chest over his thighs makes things very impossible. "Zeke! Fuck's sake, f-f-uck, I'm... move!"

It's no use at all-- he has to give in to it, or explode. He feels like he does so anyway with the way his orgasm smashes into him, making his hips jerk up and hover his ass over the leather seating. He's surprised to feel Zeke's hand and wrist hold him up, milking Casey's cock to the back of his throat. Casey's eyes cross hard as Zeke's lips suck harder and harder, until finally Casey irks out hard groans then melts, turning into a boy-puddle right then and there.

He forces his eyes to focus when he feels Zeke lean up. He needs to see either a smile or a look of disgust on Zeke's face. When his vision clears, he sees nothing but a blank expression, lips parted and getting rubbed by Zeke's shirtsleeve. Eyes dart to the window and Casey almost laughs out loud; well fuck, they've fogged the windows... another first time, instantly ingrained in Casey's brain forever.

"You... hungry?"

Zeke's question is so fucking stupid. For one, he just gave Casey a blowjob, and should have said something else. Casey doesn't know what, but... something else. And two, of fucking COURSE he's hungry. "Yea," he murmurs, fighting to get the seat back up. Once successful, he puts his jeans back into place, feeling dizzier than ever.

"'K... cheeseburger?"

"Sure," Casey says. At Zeke's nod and opening then slamming his door, Casey feels absent and numb. Maybe all this hadn't actually happened. The movie IS boring; perhaps he fell asleep. He shakes his head to himself and puts it back, feeling stupid.

So he's absolutely shocked back into reality when his door opens, and Zeke is there again-- this time at his face, kissing at him hard. Casey's eyes jolt open, seeing the side of Zeke's head and ear illuminated by the movie's muted light. He takes like cum and clove, sending Casey's head reeling. What feels like an hour passes before Zeke draws away, small, breathy moans parting them.

"You want fries?" Zeke asks, his face starting to blush.

Another stupid question from the young man, but Casey laughs this time. It's the most perfect stupid question anyone's ever asked him.

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