Title: Tahitian Moon (Act One)
Author: honeyandvinegar
Pairing: Casey/Zeke
Rating: NC17
Synopsis: Post-Marybeth world, wherein Casey is murdered by a psychotic alien cult. Zeke has to deal, trying to learn how to.
Warnings: Death of major character, LOTS of angst, heavy violence.
Disclaimer: I own nothing--all fantasy on my end.
Author's Notes: WIP. Big, huge thanks to my lovely, beautiful beta, lisabellex, for putting up with strangely placed commas and buldings chasing Zeke around town. ;)

Zeke sat at his desk, yawning heavily. After a night spent tossing and turning, his brain whirring with constant thought, he'd been given a morning of drowsy hell. It was only his first class; how he was going to make it through the rest of the day was an enigma.

Stokely arrived just then. She took a look to the back row of Ms. Burke's classroom and smiled. “Hey,” she said to Zeke, sitting in the desk next to him.

“Hey,” he answered, yawning again.

Stokely chuckled. “Stay up late last night?”

“A bit.”

“Since when has eleven o'clock been 'late' to you?” she asked. The innuendo in her voice made Zeke frown.

“Huh?” he muttered.

“Well, that's Casey's curfew,” she said. Chuckling again, she got her books out and shrugged. “He called late last night, letting me know that he's coming back to school soon. He said he'd been at your place.”

“Oh… yea,” Zeke said nonchalantly. “We've been hanging out.”

“Yea, he'd said. You guys are getting really 'chummy', huh?”

Zeke cocked an eyebrow. “Since when do you say 'chummy'?"

“Just teasing you, Mr. 'Gets-Close-To-No-One'… I knew with you hanging out with Casey that he'd rub off on you.”

Zeke turned away, jaw clenching. Why did everything have to SOUND so bad?

“Anyway… he's coming by my place tonight. Feel like coming over, too? Stan should be by, along with Del,” Stokely told him.

Zeke made a casual shrug and nodded. “Sure.”


As much as Zeke DID enjoy company—more than he did in the years before, anyway, he was a bit dismayed with tonight's plans. He'd actually planned on calling Casey when he got out of school to see what was up, but Stokely had apparently beaten him to it. Well, Casey had called her…

Zeke groaned out loud as he drove to Stokely's house. This was just ridiculous; he wasn't Casey's only friend, after all, and everyone was happy that he was going to come back to his 'normal life' of being a student and working. It was only fair for everyone to want to share in the celebration. Still… Zeke couldn't help but think on things; things that bothered him.

Delilah had made a couple of visits to Casey in the last few weeks after the horrifying events at school, along with Stan and Stokely, who'd managed one or two times as well. Zeke couldn't help but think that maybe they should've come by more often. Delilah was busy with things; the paper, cheerleading, whatever else, so Zeke tried to keep her distant from his 'who's a better friend?' radar. But the new couple—couldn't they have dropped in a few more times than they had? Casey had needed… still needed his friends and their support.

'Oh, stop it…' Zeke thought. Playing tit-for-tat usually wasn't his thing, and there were no valid reasons to WHY he was playing that now. He forced out all the odd feelings and thoughts as he pulled into Stokely's street and got to the house. Zeke smiled, seeing the Connors' minivan sitting in the drive. The boy had beaten him here, along with Delilah, her Jetta sitting in the street. Zeke parked behind her and turned off the GTO, got out and went up the walk.

Delilah must have seen (or heard) him coming, for just one step onto the porch stairs, the door flew open. “Oh my God!” she practically screamed, making Zeke jump.

“What, what?” Zeke blurted. Delilah began laughing and grabbed his arm.

“Stan… and Casey, they're dancing to Britney fucking Spears!” she cried in hilarity.

“No we weren't!” Stan yelled from inside.

“You SO were!” Stokely bellowed back. Zeke chuckled heartily as he was dragged inside the house. This would be an interesting night, if anything…


“Okay… who got the orange chicken?”

Zeke raised his hand to Stan's question and took the Styrofoam package from him. While Stokely busied herself getting plates out of the cupboard, Casey hopped in and smiled.

“Where're my chicken fingers?” he asked, sounding a bit too excited about Chinese food.

“Chill, my friend… um, egg drop soup?” Stan said.

“That's me,” Delilah said, reaching over.

“Ew…” Casey murmured, earning a small slap to his arm from the girl.

“It's better than the pile of grease you got,” she teased. Casey stuck out his tongue then leaned forward again.

“That one mine?”

“Are you hungry or something?” Zeke asked.

“Yea… c'mon, you saw what my mom's been making for dinner lately,” Casey said with a round of giggles.

Zeke snorted. “True, true,” he replied. He secretly enjoyed the odd looks the others made at that. It wasn't really an inside joke, but it was still something he and Casey shared that they didn't; no matter how miniscule it was.

Everyone took up their appropriate meals; while Delilah, Stan and Stokely got plates, Casey and Zeke opted to return to the living room with just the packages and forks. 'Because we're similar like that,' Zeke thought with a smile. It was silly, but there, yet again.

“I've never tried orange chicken. Is it any good?” Casey asked while shoving a chicken finger in his mouth.

“No, it's fucking terrible,” Zeke answered.

Casey rolled his eyes; Zeke chuckled and moved the container closer to the boy. While Casey spooned some chicken and rice into his container, Zeke reached over and grabbed a chicken finger for himself. Delilah walked in and giggled, looking upon the scene.

“Aw, Zeke learned to share,” she cooed. She sighed loudly as she sat down on the loveseat across from them. “I remember being in Kindergarten with a young man who wouldn't share the Matchbox cars…”

“Girls don't play with Matchboxes,” Zeke stated definitively. “I told you then, and I'll say it again. Repeatedly.”

“Right… you ALSO said 'girls and boys don't play together'; how true is that nowadays?” she asked with a smile of triumph on her face.

“Eh…” Zeke started, swallowing hard. 'Truer than you realize…' “It's ambiguous.”

Casey giggled furiously at this; Stokely and Stan returned, Stokely looking cross. “I just want one!”

“No way! If you wanted ribs, you should've gotten ribs!” Stan told her, aghast.

Stokely huffed and looked to Zeke and Casey; in seeing Casey spoon up more orange chicken, she gawked. “THEY'RE sharing!” she yelled, pointing their way.

The two of them froze as Stan looked over and narrowed his eyes. “Maybe Zeke should've ordered the lobster.”

The comment tightened Zeke's throat and made him choke on a bite of rice he'd taken. Laughing, Casey slapped his back. “Zeke! You all right?”

“Quick, Casey! Give him mouth-to-mouth!” Delilah cheered. This only made things worse. Zeke deliberately moved his upper half away from Casey, trying his best to smile; the last thing he needed was to act offended or upset. It'd look obvious, he felt.

“I…'m a'riii..” he irked out, still coughing through his words. At one particularly hard slap, the rice was swallowed but Zeke's back stung. “Case, OW… sto-op it…”

Casey backed off, chuckling like mad. “Just trying to save your life, man,” he said, now going to munch on his meal. Zeke held onto the smile as best he could, staring at his food while everyone moved onto the subject of what movie to watch. All the while, visions of Casey 'saving his life' plagued him.

This was too much.


After the Chinese food had disappeared and a viewing of 'Muppets' Christmas Carol' (Stan had insisted, which confused everyone as Christmas was long gone), Delilah had been the first to leave. “Maura Sanders is having a get-together tonight. We're gonna go over routines and stuff,” she said, referring to her normal batch of cheerleading friends. After Stokely saw her out, she returned to the living room with a happy sigh.

“We should go out and do something… there's a club Stan talked about, eighteen-plus,” she started, sitting on the edge of the couch by Stan. As she leaned onto the back of it and Stan rubbed her thigh, she nodded up to Zeke. “You game?”

Zeke shrugged slowly. “I dunno… I guess,” he replied. He looked to Casey next, finding him staring at the coffee table. “Hey… you up for it?”

“I… can't. I mean, I—well, they're still not sure about me going 'out', y'now?” Casey said. “Plus, I gotta be home by eleven,”

Zeke felt like a true ass now; looking to the clock, it read 9:55. “Oh… well…”

“We don't have to go out; it was just a suggestion,” Stokely told him. Casey smiled weakly and shook his head.

“Naw, it's Friday night. I've had plenty of fun, really,” he said.

Stan sighed long and low. “Sorry, man. This whole deal sucks.”

“Hah… well, if it weren't the feds cracking down on me, let's just say that eleven o'clock was unheard of until about six months ago. Mom and Dad are a bit 'overprotective'.” Casey answered.

“Well… I'm not huge on some 'club scene',” Zeke interjected with another shrug. “I could head back with you, if your parents don't care.”

Casey blinked a few times, eyebrows rising. “They might not… though c'mon, it's not very exciting. You know that.”

“Hey, as long as I don't have some whacked out couscous… saucy thing… whatever, I'm all right,” Zeke said.

“Is there something we should know…?” Stokely interjected then, wearing a mysterious smile.

“My mom likes making these… 'interesting' dinners…” Casey laughed out. Perhaps the boy wasn't paying attention, but Zeke was; the look on Stokely's face as Casey rambled practically screamed, 'That's not what I was talking about, silly boy.'


“You're home early…?”

Casey stepped into the house, followed by Zeke. Mrs. Connor came from the kitchen, drying her hands with a dishtowel. Her eyebrows rose upon seeing both of them. “Oh… he's not tired of you yet?” she asked with a growing grin.

“No…” Casey groaned out while kicking his shoes off. “Is it okay if he stays over… again?”

“Well, I suppose so,” she said; she looked towards the living room. “Frank!”

The sudden yell made both the boys wince. “Yea?” an absent-sounding voice called back.

“Zeke's here—is it all right if he stays over?”


She turned back around and sighed. “The Bulls are playing tonight.”

“Dad?” Casey yelled now.


“Can I have a twenty dollar raise in my allowance?”

Zeke snorted; Mrs. Connor gave Casey a small slap on his arm with her dishrag as Mr. Connor grunted in reply. “Don't push it,” she warned with a wink.


“I don't know why they make a big deal over late night TV,” Casey said with a yawn.

Zeke nodded in agreement, settling into the beanbag chair he sat in. “The game was better,” he replied, nodding to the game console.

“I get tired of video games. I've maxed the levels in half of 'em… the other half are boring as shit,” Casey said. He crossed his arms over himself and turned, facing Zeke now with his head back on his own cushy seat. “Does it get better after two a.m.?”

“Pssh… not really. They show really lame movies and stuff,” Zeke told him.

“Yay… I'm gonna go brush my teeth,” Casey said, hoisting himself up with difficulty. Zeke nodded dumbly and kept watching… whatever movie was playing. It was close to one in the morning. He didn't know how he'd made it to this late hour, seeing as he'd wanted to pass out in every class that morning and afternoon. Now, his nerves were a bit fired up.

“Speaking of 'firing it up',” he mumbled out loud and stood. Standing by an opened window in winter wasn't his top choice, but it was good enough. He grinned a little, Casey having told him that his parents asked about the 'smoke smell'. They'd been quite liberal with it… it made Zeke feel like family. Well, a family member that was allowed to smoke, as Casey was told that if they ever caught him with a cigarette in his lips…

Zeke had gotten the window up and lit up just as Casey returned, his four-sizes-too-big flannel pajama pants hanging off of him loosely, his white t-shirt just as baggy. “You gonna brush?” Casey asked.

“Naw,” Zeke answered through a line of exhaled smoke.

“You can use mine, I don't care.”

Zeke's eyes flashed wide and he looked away, pretending to exhale out the window. “It's no big, Casey,” he said.

“Suit yourself, 'Marb Breath',” Casey teased just before flopping onto his bed. It went quiet a few moments; Zeke preoccupied his mind with the buzz of the television in the pause, until it went away. “Sick of this shit.”

He looked over, seeing Casey toss the TV's remote on the end table. He could only make out a thin silhouette of the boy now as he lay haphazardly on the bed. “That's fine… TV bugs me out most of the time,” Zeke replied.

“Yea… fuck, just come over here. My parents'll smell it anyway,” Casey said.

Zeke went stiff a moment and turned to look at him. “It's okay.”

“It's really not a big deal…? I want a drag anyway.”

Casey had no idea on what a 'big deal' it'd be for Zeke to crawl up onto the relatively small bed with the boy. He coughed out a laugh and shook his head. “Then come over here,” he said.

It went quiet again, this time making Zeke feel odd and misplaced. No matter the darkness in the room, he could feel Casey's eyes on him. “Zeke…” Casey finally breathed out. “I'm not gonna… like, jump you or anything.”

“I know…?” Zeke said, trying his damnedest to keep a level voice.

“So c'mon—I need to smoke,” Casey said in a jovial voice. Zeke forced on a smile and pushed the window back down, leaving a small slat of it open at the bottom.

“You don't 'need' to smoke, Casey. You want to.”

“Whatever,” Casey said with a small chuckle. When Zeke reached into his jeans pocket for the pack, Casey groaned. “Not a whole one… just share.”

“Christ, you're demanding,” Zeke muttered. 'Okay… get on the bed. It is not a big deal whatsoever,' he thought. Luckily for him, Casey moved to the side by the wall, took up the half-filled mug and patted the empty side. Zeke made careful movements to lie down, making sure not to get too close. Casey didn't seem to notice. “Better?”

“Yea,” Casey said, snatching the cigarette from Zeke's fingers. As the boy smoked, Zeke allowed himself to ease up; he put his arm under his head and puffed out small breaths, feeling dizzy. “Mom… would rip my throat out if she saw this.”

Zeke laughed a little and shook his head. “If she knew what a bad influence I was, she'd have kicked me out by now.”

“Naw,” Casey mumbled past the filter of the cigarette; he handed it back and exhaled slowly. “You're like a second son to them.”

Zeke said nothing to this; he sucked back a drag and stared at the ceiling, seeing the glow-in-the-dark star map poster overhead. “Such a geek.”


Zeke pointed upwards. “Star maps. Only a geek would have a star map.”

“I'm thinking of taking it down.”

“Aw, don't do that. I'm just teasing.”

“Not because of your 'teasing', Tyler. I just think I've had enough of space-stuff, if you know what I mean.”

Zeke's mood sobered up; of course he knew. Feeling stupid, he closed his eyes and sighed, handing the cigarette back. Nothing needed to be said at the moment; cold breezes wafted inside a bit, making Zeke shiver. He wanted nothing more than to get under Casey's warm comforter below him, but…

“Do you want something to wear for bed?” Casey asked suddenly. “I might have a pair of sweatpants or something. My aunt Denise always thinks I'm seven sizes larger than I am every Christmas.”

“No, I'm cool. I'll just sleep in my clothes.”

“That's dumb.”

“I don't mind—”

“Just say it,” Casey interrupted abruptly. Zeke felt like his jaw was going to snap with the tension he put to it.

“Say… what?”

“You act nerved up when I suggest you just lay down here, with me. You're gonna sleep in your uncomfortable clothes and everything. I am not… going… to try anything.”

Zeke shut his eyes again, tighter this time. He sat up slowly, but didn't mean to leave. Instead he moved up and leaned against the pillows and wall, taking a deep breath. “Do you think—that you're the first gay guy I've ever met? Like… you're the only gay guy in the world, or something?” he asked, finally looking down at the boy. Casey looked confused before he shrugged.

“I don't know. I don't know who you've hung out with,” Casey answered.

“MaryBeth was an alien; you're not, okay?” Zeke said. He rubbed his eyes a moment, almost smiling when Casey took the cigarette back. It was down to the last few puffs, so Zeke took another one out. “Just finish that one, for Christ's sake.”

“Mmkay,” Casey answered. “So… it really doesn't bug you?”

“No. So stop asking.”

“Okay…” Casey murmured. “Just… I've always been insecure, about—it. It comes with the territory. You're one of the only people that know.”

Casey's words made Zeke feel warm; had he even told Delilah? He wasn't willing to ask just yet. He lit up to quell the urge to blurt out the awkward question, occupying his lips for the moment. When it flared and he withdrew it, he sighed. “It's something to be insecure about. Something that makes you feel like the whole world's against you.”

“Yea,” Casey said.

“It's nothing to be ashamed of; has anyone told you it was?”

“No… you just hear stuff on the TV and… stuff.”

“Everyone's full of crap, Case; you know that better than anyone. Don't listen to them,” Zeke told him. “I never did.”

“No kidding,” Casey said sarcastically.

Zeke nudged him with his elbow and smiled. Weight was lifting off his shoulders, but he didn't quite know on why, or how. “Have you ever even… been with a guy, like at all?” Zeke asked. 'Shit. No, that was an incredibly stupid thing to do…'

“No. Thought about it, of course, but… no,”

“It'll be good, as long as you're smart about it.”

He was saying too much; the dead silence revealed that. Zeke heard the hiss of Casey's cigarette go out in the dirtied water of the mug. It didn't pass over to Zeke; Casey held it tight in his hand, his eyes staring up at his glowing poster. “Have you?” he finally asked.

'Don't say it… JUST say it… DON'T you dare… just say it.'

“Been with a guy?” Zeke asked; stalling, fuck, he was stalling. Silence reigned once more until he drew in a long, hard puff of smoke and nodded. “Yea.”

Casey stayed very still now; Zeke tried ignoring it, but it began to grate on him, not even able to hear the boy breathing. “What?” Zeke said, going on auto-defense.

“Nothing. Just never thought…” Casey trailed off.

“Sometimes it's best not to think… and sometimes it is,” Zeke said, lowering his back down again to lay flat.

“Mr. Cryptic,” Casey said. His nervous chuckle set Zeke off, breaking the hushed room's silence further.


“Mmm,” Casey hummed; he grabbed Zeke's cigarette and puffed away, looking to Zeke with a narrow-eyed glance. “So… how was it for you?” he asked in an overly sultry voice as he tried making smoke rings.

Zeke outright snorted. “Y'mean with you? Oh, fantastic,” he replied.

“You were… okay.”

“Oh yea? What have you got to compare me with, lil' man?” Zeke asked while snatching the nearly finished smoke from Casey.

“Nothing—how's your ego?”

“Such an asshole,” Zeke said, now going into a chuckle-fit. Nothing was actually that funny, but when the tension he'd felt for years disappeared, as it was right now, he was ready for anything. He was ready as he sucked the last bit of the cigarette, ready when he reached over to where the mug sat, ready when he realized his arm was draped across Casey's waist to snuff it out.

Casey's smile didn't wane; he even chuckled as Zeke looked down on his face, tiny sobs of laughter quaking his chest. Zeke smiled back and groaned out a sigh; he took the mug from Casey's hand and reached behind him to the side table, placing it on it without looking away from the boy. Casey cocked his head to the side a bit, an eyebrow rising and lips twitching.

Nothing was said; talk was too cheap. Zeke put his head on his hand, propped up to just look at Casey, survey every flick of expression and eye movement. Casey seemed to be calculating everything as well, bright blue tracing Zeke's face. With his smile widened the slightest bit, Zeke closed the distance between them and put his lips to Casey's.

Everything was so slow, almost painfully so; Zeke had grown so used to a violence when it came to this sort of expression. No thought would be involved, whether it was in his bed or in a goddamned barn; all that was erasing with just the smooth feel of Casey's mouth moving on his own, exploring with delicious inexperience. 'I'm his first… be good damn it, oh fuck. Be good,'

Zeke let his propped arm drop and rest alongside Casey's neck and shoulder, staying still for the moment. The warmth from the boy's body being this close was enough to make Zeke's neck warm against the small chill of the room. He didn't realize his need for yet more contact until he felt his leg moving of its own accord, running along Casey's thigh. Casey took a long, deep hiss through his nose, not breaking from the kiss. Hands went to Zeke's shoulders and pulled him in closer, showing off Casey's own need to have Zeke push against him. He inadvertently turned his body even closer, until he covered one half of Casey's small body, just with his chest, arm and leg.

The thrill of Casey's own leg curling up and a foot coming to rest in the crook of Zeke's knee filled Zeke fast, hard. He was unable to help his hips from rolling onto Casey's; his eyes rolled back behind the lids finding Casey below, gone rock hard and able to be felt through flannel and denim. Zeke drew back a bit, lips brushing together as he swallowed. “Fuck,” he whispered.

“Yea,” Casey whispered back; unquestionable.

Zeke smiled and put his hand to Casey's stomach, inching the fabric up with his fingers. The temptation to simply pull it up and off was fought against, opting instead to slide a hand under the hem and crawl upwards. The idea of 'I'm fucking touching him' hit Zeke in a crushing wave, fingers sliding over a tight, hard nipple. A tiny whimper escaped Casey's lips, the lower one being bitten now in a tense grip of teeth. Bracing his hand along Casey's side, Zeke's thumb then swirled over the nub of excited flesh; it made Casey buck up and growl. Fucking growl. “Like that?” Zeke asked, bringing his lips to Casey's jaw. The only response Casey gave was his own hand gripping the back of Zeke's shirt and pulling it out from the waist of his jeans. Thin, nail-bitten fingers clenched at the bared small of Zeke's back, creating a deep hum in his throat.

No longer wanting cloth to be between them, Zeke reached both hands to Casey's shirt; he almost sighed in exhilaration at Casey's automatic response of lifting his arms and shoulders, letting the clothes slide off of him in one, smooth movement. Once bared from the waist up, Casey pushed Zeke upwards and went to do the same; his hands were awkward with inexperience, but it only made Zeke smile more. The smile left his lips when his shirt hit the floor and Casey's hands fell to the belt Zeke wore. He stayed still and let the boy work out buckles and straps, until the waist of them loosened and more buttons went undone.

The open air found the warmest skin; it made Zeke hiss louder and look down on Casey's slight form with eager intent. Casey looked into Zeke's eyes and licked his parted lips. “I want it to be good… make that first time you had—just—better,” he rambled in a shaky voice.

“Already is,” Zeke muttered, daring a wink. Casey smiled as Zeke took his wrists and pulled him up, making Casey squirm into a sit and wriggle into his lap. The boy's giggle was worth gold, pricking Zeke's ears with a delight he didn't recognize. Once settled, Zeke took Casey's hips in his hands and tapped casually upon them with his fingers. “So…”

“So,” Casey repeated; he then snorted a lone chuckle out.



Now Zeke couldn't help it; he shook with small laughs and put his forehead to Casey's. His tapping stopped; fingers squeezed gently at the skin, making Casey's smile go more dream-like. “What do you want?” he asked in a soft voice once the laughing between them died down. He could see Casey's blush in the dark, even with his face lowering to look at their laps. With a quick glance up to Zeke, Casey then reached into the opened cloth and rubbed his fingers into the coarse hairs just underneath.

Zeke shuddered at just the sound of Casey's exploration, the gentle scritch-scratch of blunt nails on hair and skin, edging lower and lower, making Zeke breathe faster. Nothing compared with Casey's finally finding the base of Zeke's cock, fingertips sliding smoothly along it. “I like it,” Casey whispered, the air behind the words trembling. “I've always liked it.”

Zeke clenched his eyes shut, wanting to groan and laugh at the same time. “My dick ain't bad,” he said, shrugging a little.

“Nope,” Casey said, giggling again. “Nope.”

“God…” Zeke breathed out, his hands squeezing Casey harder. He couldn't help his thumbs from cradling Casey's pelvis, pressing them deep into the flannel. He had to hold back more impatience, keeping himself from tearing off the rest of Casey's clothes. 'Slow. Go slow, fuckin' enjoy this,' he thought. With that, Zeke took the elastic waist of the pants and pulled it down low, making a slow reveal of flesh he'd hungered for, for ages now. Feeling the tension of the cloth as he moved it over Casey's growing shaft almost made his eyes cross; he'd seen Casey before—but he hadn't. Not like this.

He felt Casey's cock bob against the back of his hand as it emerged, the thick muscle obviously aching for the freedom Zeke now gave it. Both of them tensed; Casey's hand reached around Zeke's need and held it firmly, making Zeke buck up and take Casey in hand as well. Shimmying as best as he could, Zeke managed to get his jeans lower, exposing himself fully. They now sat quietly, their hollowed breath being the only sounds between them. Fingers curled and dusted movements along each other, until Casey moved forward a little, bringing the tip of Zeke's cock to his own.

It was everything Zeke had ever wanted, just to feel hard skin touch hard skin and move in slow, languid slides. Casey was staring intently as he moved the heads of them together, looking entranced. Zeke put his head back to the wall, unsure of his ability to keep sitting up. He reached a hand behind Casey's head, brought him forward and kissed him again, a bit harder and more insistent this time around.

It was a surprising feel, the boy's teeth clamping onto his lower lip as the kiss grew in their need for contact. Casey reached up with both arms and wrapped them around Zeke's neck, pulling them closer together. Zeke had to grab onto Casey's back, hands slapping onto skin. He enjoyed Casey's gasp when one of them grabbed his ass, clenching its fingers into it hard. 'I'm gonna fucking lose it. Shit. No…' Zeke thought, lost for reason when Casey's hips moved in a steady rhythm, sliding cock-to-cock in a maddening fashion. Before Zeke thought he couldn't stop, he had to… “F-fffuck!” he hissed out through clenched teeth. “Zipper… fucking zipper…”

“Oh shit!” Casey gasped, backing off immediately. “Hairs…?”

“Uh… huh…” Zeke irked. Casey slid from Zeke's lap and cooed, reaching down to 'survey the situation'.

“Aww,” Casey murmured with a smile.

“Shut up. Your fault.”

“Mine?” Casey spat out. At Zeke's nod and wry grin forming, Casey clucked his tongue. He moved further away from Zeke and laid his hands on his calves. Rubbing there a moment, Zeke stared ahead, feeling lost. He didn't even realize that Casey had begun tugging at the cuffs by his feet, going down to Zeke's thighs and making him slide towards the boy.

'Perfect solution… he's so smart,' Zeke mused, almost laughing. The small stinging began sliding away, letting him lift his ass for Casey to get easier access. With a few more tugs, Zeke's jeans were slapped to the floor along with their shirts. Sighing, he curled a leg up and leaned on the wall, looking to Casey with a cocky expression. “Your turn; take 'em off,” he said.

Casey backed himself off the bed, staring at Zeke with a sheepish smile. His feet found the floor and he stood; Zeke wanted to coo at the sight of the boy's groin, thighs and calves, darkened privates melding into milky skin as he was revealed. Zeke couldn't help it; once Casey's kicked the flannel aside, he moved forward, took Casey's hips again and looked up at him. “You're nice,” he muttered, feeling even more lost as he saw Casey's lower lip quivering.

“You think so?”

Zeke smiled and put his nose to Casey's stomach, breathing in the scent of sweet, sweet boy. Casey's breath hitched as Zeke moved parted lips to him and let his tongue emerge, making the boy's skin go goose-fleshed. It was a thrill, feeling Casey's hands grip his head and lace fingers into his hair, pulling him closer. Zeke smoothed a hand around and brushed against Casey's ass, earning a sudden series of giggles. “What?” Zeke murmured.

“It's… ticklish,” Casey said, squirming a bit more than before. Zeke chuckled and gave the sensitive flesh a sudden pinch, making Casey yelp out loud. “Hey!”

“Shh!” Zeke hissed, giving a quick nod towards the door.

“They sleep like rocks…” Casey grumbled. He sighed and crawled back into Zeke's lap, lacing his arms around his neck and shoulders. “Can we lie down…? I feel a bit—spinny,” he asked.

Zeke nodded, moving both of them to lie on their sides, facing each other and sharing warm breath. Casey's eyes darted from Zeke's eyes, lips, and neck, looking nervous. “I've never done shit… like this,” he said.

“I know,” Zeke replied with a nod.

“So… I mean, is this okay? You're not bullshitting me, right…?”

Zeke snorted, buried his nose into Casey's hair and nuzzled by his ear. “I'm laying here with you, buck-assed naked… that's the stupidest thing anyone's ever asked me,” he told him.

“I've just… I've liked you a lot, for a while. I don't wanna ruin—stuff,” Casey admitted. Zeke bent back and looked at the suddenly so insecure and confused boy. He ran his fingers along the side of Casey's head, making him close his eyes and shudder out a breath. Not wanting to talk anymore, Zeke brought his lips to Casey's, wanting to kiss questions away.

It seemed to work perfectly; Casey's body moved, almost snake-like against Zeke's, curling further into every curve and space provided. Zeke wrapped his leg over Casey's and nudged them closer, making both of them gasp lightly when their groins met again. Zeke didn't care; he was starting to lose his cool with the touch, making him start a rhythm with his cock to Casey's, smooth slides turning into a jerk, back again, jerk… “God,” Casey whispered as he pulled away from the kiss; he moved down, kissing Zeke's chin. His kissing went further, tongue lapping at Zeke's jaw and slithering down to his neck, to ear, sucking lightly. Zeke swallowed over and over again, crushing their bodies together to meld skin and sweat. “I wanna be good…” Casey murmured shakily.

“It's good… it's…” Zeke said; he stopped with a hitched breath as Casey brushed a hand to his chest and slid over its peak, sending Zeke's skin into small trembles. The boy noticed this, obviously, and flicked the hardened nub with his thumb, over and over again. “Lick it,” Zeke requested with no hint of shame.

Confidence seemed to show through Casey's smile. His head rose up, eyes and teeth glinting in the low light, and then lowered to Zeke's chest, kissing lightly at first. It all changed with a flick of his tongue; Zeke couldn't help grabbing the back of Casey's neck. With a small grab and push downwards, Casey's mouth opened and began sucking hard.

Fuck…” Zeke irked out, his fingers now lacing themselves into Casey's hair. He let the tension in his body slide off, replaced with complete bliss. Zeke smiled and sighed, enjoying the feel of Casey's ingénue, eager experience. His eyes locked onto Zeke's as if making sure he was doing a good job of it; Zeke smiled wider. “N-nice,” he stammered, almost laughing at himself. The grins and giggles disappeared when Casey leaned up again, slid down further and got between Zeke's legs.

“I've always wanted to…” he murmured before parting Zeke's thighs.

Oh God… Zeke thought. He'd not wanted to move this fast, but the sight of Casey lowering to his cock made it practically jump into his mouth. Zeke took a long hiss of breath, his neck now tightened and strained as Casey began lapping upon the rock-hard flesh. Casey's hand took the base and massaged smoothly, but Zeke still felt the tremble of his fingers as they worked. When Casey's tongue reached the tip and slid around the slit, Zeke nearly lost it. He had to stop this-- it was all too much.

“Stop…” he muttered; Casey did so, now looking worried. Before he could ask 'what'd I do wrong?', Zeke sat up and smiled. “I don't wanna blow my load yet, Case.”

Casey began giggling, scooting closer. “'Blow your load'?” he echoed. “How romantic.”

“Well? It's that good,” Zeke said with a roll of his eyes. “Now shut the fuck up.”

Casey's smile became dream-like as Zeke bent forward to take his lips with his. He was sick of talking, however little they'd done of it; he wanted nothing more than to taste his friend-turned-lover, to put his arms around the small waist and pull him in closer. Lust fired up inside of him again, making his fingers dig into soft skin hard. Casey whimpered and thrust forward, rubbing his engorged flesh into Zeke's stomach. Without another thought, Zeke let go of one of Casey's sides, spit in his hand and reached down, taking Casey's cock in hand and stroking it.

“G-God…” Casey said, pulling away from the kiss to let his head go to Zeke's shoulder. Zeke brought them back down on the bed again, turning them onto their sides. The sight of Casey's lost-in-lust expression made him growl.

“Wanna fuck you, boy,” he said, feeling feral. Casey swallowed and moaned, opening his shaking knees.

“I don't… have any…”

Zeke cocked an eyebrow. “What?”

“Any lube,” Casey gasped; he looked to Zeke with blinking eyes. “Um…”

Without warning, Zeke began thrusting Casey's dick harder. The boy outright squealed in the rush of movement. “Get off, babe,” Zeke said in a low, predatory voice. He put his forehead to Casey's and gritted his teeth as the first drop of cum slid onto his working digits. “We'll use this,”

Casey held back what had to be a heavy, loud groan when Zeke slid his thumb up and moved over the moistened tip. “Yea… y-ea…” Casey moaned out, starting to writhe under Zeke's insistent hand. “Oh fuck… fuck me… fucking hell!”

Zeke swallowed hard as he felt spurting wet cover his fingers; Casey bit his own wrist to keep from crying out, his hips punching upwards into Zeke's fist. Oh, he was a little lost boy now, and it was so gorgeous to witness. When the last few shudders left, Casey lay still and breathless. “Oh my God,” he murmured, forcing his bleary eyes open to look at Zeke. He panted for air and licked his dry lips before Zeke planted more kisses on them, pushing him to his other side at the same time. He followed the kiss until Casey's head lolled, facing away from Zeke.

The feel of the warm musk was beautiful as Zeke collected it, sliding it onto his fingers from Casey's groin and belly. There was more than enough to do the job; Zeke brought it around, taking a moment to close his eyes, swallow again then bring it to Casey's lower half. “Bring… knees, put your knees up,” he rambled. Fuck, he was rambling. He'd never really felt this heavy before, but Casey just did that sort of thing, he figured.

Casey did as he was told, curling his body into itself and breathing hard and shaky. Zeke put his wet fingers to Casey's ass, dipping into parted flesh and finding the hot, pouting hole instantly. “Oh Jesus…” Casey uttered, his voice going high-pitched as Zeke began swirling his fingertips around his anus.

“It's gonna hurt, just ride it out,” Zeke told him before making a finger enter slowly but surely. Casey's entire body clenched, his insides squeezing Zeke. “Relax… just relax.”

“God… oh fuck, God,” Casey rambled. Zeke kissed along Casey's shoulder, trying to ease him.

“Wanted you… for a long time, Case,” he said; just those words alone made things easier. Casey still shook, but Zeke's finger slipped inside easier now. “Dunno why, just… thought about it, this, a lot… fucking you…”

Casey's head went back, resting alongside Zeke's. His hand reached up and pressed them together, kneading Zeke's neck just under the ear. He said nothing as Zeke began working a second digit in. “Hard as a rock, I want this so bad,” Zeke murmured. “Want you so bad.”

“Zeke…” Casey whimpered, sounding strained and teary. With the second finger now reaching the first, Zeke began stroking and parting them, widening Casey's insides slightly.

“Feel that? Me finger-fucking you, feel it?” he said, starting a rhythm to ease entrance even more. It seemed like Casey was opening more and more to him, allowing Zeke to push yet another finger inside.

“I want it…” Casey said. “Fuck me.”

Zeke's jaw tightened as he slid out; he brought the rest of Casey's cooling musk to his cock and stroked it, feeling pained and all-too-ready. “I'll make it good,” Zeke said, watching the stray, askew hairs over Casey's ear tremble. 'I'm going to fuck him,' he thought with disbelief. Before that disbelief had a chance to cloud his thoughts and create doubts, he nudged forward, positioned his hard need and went to move inside.

Casey's small, keening gasp almost made him pull out; he stopped a moment and went to ask-- yet Casey's hand slapped onto Zeke's hip and gripped it hard. “Don't you fucking s-s-top…” he growled out. “Keep… going.”

Zeke took a quick moment to stare at the boy, who was all gasps and insistence. The heat in his chest grew, making him push forward without so much care as before. Casey turned his head to the pillow below him and made a sharp wail into it, yet his hand only tightened on Zeke's hip. With absolutely no more questions as to what to do, Zeke filled Casey to the hilt and stilled.

'So fucking hot, tight… fuck, fuck, fuck…' he thought, feeling mad with want. He wrapped an arm around Casey's waist and held onto him tight, pushing his back to Zeke's chest. Zeke gasped as if drowning; he feared that he would lose it entirely if he moved at all, but now, Casey was trying to thrust himself upon Zeke's shaft.

“Just go!” Casey growled out. Zeke had no choice now…

With the first pull back-push forward, he felt the tension between them ease, letting his cock enter again smoothly. Casey took deep, panting breaths, each one making his body take more of what Zeke gave. Zeke's brow went moist as he pressed it to Casey's neck while trying to create a steady rhythm between them. He still couldn't help the small jerks he'd give at the very end of his pushes inside; his pulse started pounding in his ears, making Casey's gasps and whispered cries go muffled. Everything shifted inside of him… he wasn't going to 'go easy', not now. Not when he had his boy taking this in full, no complaints made or reservations given. In fact, Casey's body tightened in one jolt, his head thrown back upon Zeke's shoulder; he moaned as if in pain, but Zeke knew better.

“That's it, huh?” he asked, pushing back and forth again, getting more moans from Casey in the process. Zeke couldn't help the shuddering grin from forming on his face. This was instantly addicting; the sound of Casey's soft, held-back moans, his trembling limbs, the way his cheek nuzzled to Zeke's as he was slowly losing himself in the moment. Zeke's lips fell to the boy's shoulder and kissed at first-- yet as he felt his orgasm rising, he bit down on the skin, hard. Casey writhed and whimpered, shoving his body back to meet Zeke's thrusts. “Want you to cum again…” Zeke said, reaching down to Casey's cock, gone hard all over again. “Cum again for me.”

Casey shivered and moaned, made soft cries as he pushed back more, and then forward, meeting both rounds of stimulation head on. Every muscle Zeke owned clenched tight, willing himself to wait… 'just fucking wait!… for Casey to go first. He wanted the boy mindless again, a total thrill for Zeke to see. It wasn't long before the cries halted to a choke, and Casey wet Zeke's hand all over again.

It was all Zeke needed to get himself off; he pounded forward relentlessly, feeling his climax rise up and take him over. “Oh fuck, dear fucking God…” he moaned out in a rush; he felt himself filling Casey now, splashing his insides with yet more searing heat. He irked out chokes through clenched teeth; Casey's body went limp, still grunting in response to Zeke's slowing thrusts.

Everything fell silent once Zeke finished. Besides the panting breaths, the room felt numb with quiet. Zeke stared at the back of Casey's head, lost in his post-coital swoon. He watched as Casey finally moved, sliding from Zeke's limp cock and turning onto his stomach. Their eyes met-- Zeke didn't know what to say…

“Thank you,” Casey murmured. Zeke smiled shakily and moved to kiss his boy again-- his boy-- enjoying the soft, warm action of it. The words left him before he realized it.

“Love you,” he whispered.


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