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The Boondock Saints

For moonmelody - prompt was 'blood'
It always came back to this, red on his hands, red on Connor's face, red coursing through their veins, singing out, and Murphy knew that, no matter what might happen in the future, this was what was important, and this was what he would always come back to.

For dawning_star - prompt was 'peace'
It had become something of a regular thing in the hours just before dawn, when Murphy would wake with a jerk, mind racing with things he couldn't decipher, feelings that made his heart skip a beat, but all he had to do was roll to his side and reach out a hand, AEQUITAS lining up neatly with VERITAS, and Murphy was able to close his eyes, breath evening out as sleep claimed him again.

For dawning_star - prompt was 'affection'
Murphy looks over his shoulder as Chekov takes him through the door, and Connor knows, he knows, and he can already feel blood sliding along his fingers as he yanks at the cuffs, the simple sibling bond slipping into something deeper, something more, and he screams for his brother as the toilet starts to pull loose from the floor, freeing him to save the other half of his soul.

For dawning_star - prompt was 'regret'
Il Duce
It's only when he steps into the room and cradles their faces in his hands that he realizes exactly what he's lost, what he gave up, and the decades since he last saw them come crashing down, threatening to smother him as his boys kneel at his feet, blood covering their faces, their hands, wide eyes staring up at him in shock.

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For antheia - prompt was 'anthropomorphic'
Christian Kane
On dark winter nights, Christian sits in front of the television, his cats curled up in his lap, and he talks to them, nodding when they talk back, smiling when cold noses touch his cheek in an almost kiss, laughing when they both look up at a quiet noise before scrambling off with all the curiosity of a three year old.

For babyofthegroup - prompt was 'negligible'
Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki
No matter how many times Jared tells himself it's nothing, just a little, tiny thing, really, every time Jensen taps the pen against his teeth while he reads his script, Jared wants to scream.

For chrismm - prompt was 'fragmented'
Christian Kane/Jensen Ackles
The light through the window is too bright, reflecting off the edges of Jensen's thoughts with a razor sharpness, and he comes with Jared's lips around his cock, but Christian's name on his lips.

For gingerpig - prompt was 'boots'
Steve Carlson
They're cracked and beat to hell, and the sole just under the ball of his left foot is worn almost all the way through, but there's no way he's buying a new pair, because these…well, these are old friends.

For ink_stain - prompt was 'trespass'
Christian Kane/Jared Padalecki; Chad Michael Murray
When Christian first steps inside the house, all he sees is Chad -- Chad's hand tangled in Jared's hair, Chad's lips on Jared's throat -- and then he sees Jared -- Jared shoving at Chad, frown out of place on a mouth made for smiling -- and then all Christian can see is red as he launches himself across the coffee table to reclaim what's his, Jensen's startled shout ringing in his ears.

For killerweasel - prompt was 'kumquat'
Christian Kane/David Boreanaz
There's a second, just before Christian bites down and bittersweetness coats his tongue, when he can still taste the salt from David's fingers pushing past his lips, still hear the low murmur of "try this" as his tongue curled over long fingers and spongy rind.

For lostjane - prompt was 'idiosyncratic'
Christian Kane/Jensen Ackles
Christian watches Jensen, watches the way he smiles and moves and poses, sees the shiny varnish that L.A. has put on the kid, and he wonders if Jensen still likes salsa in his scrambled eggs, still likes wrestling in the grass until they both itch from head to toe, but most of all he wonders if Jensen still likes slow hand jobs in the back of his daddy's Chevy while the rain beats down on the car roof, and then Jensen smiles over at him and says "hey, you made it," and that lazy drawl is just like coming home.

For santacarlagypsy - prompt was 'apple'
Jensen Ackles
The first bite was crisp, flesh snapping between his teeth, and all Jensen could think of, as the juice ran down his chin, was lazy, summer days back home.

For starrwisher - prompt was 'smoldering'
Christian Kane/Jensen Ackles
Jensen watches Christian watching him, and that slow smile has his blood throbbing, making his skin itch in a pleasant, maddening way, and when Christian curls a hand around the back of his neck and murmurs "c'mon, son," Jensen knows it's just the beginning of a slow incineration that he craves more than oxygen.

For sweill - prompt was 'polyglot'
Christian Kane/David Boreanaz
Christian had to learn Latin, David had to learn Korean, and sometimes they still use that knowledge, randomly rattling off words and half-remembered phrases when they're around each other, not caring the least that it makes them look a little crazy to the rest of the world.

For torturemysoul - prompt was 'bubble-bath'
Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki
Jared stands there in the middle of the aisle, watching Jensen as he opens bottle after bottle and sniff them, then just smiles and says, "You don't have one," when Jensen claims they're for a girlfriend.

For unholyglee - prompt was 'claxon'
Christian Kane/Steve Carlson
The alarm clock goes off, loud enough to wake the dead, and Steve is sure that the entire building hears it before he can fumble it into silence and roll over to look at Christian, who really can, apparently, sleep through anything after enough Jack.

For unholyglee - prompt was 'pomegranate'
Christian Kane, Steve Carlson
Steve's heard of mixing Jack with water and with Coke and, hell, he's even known people to mix it with Pepsi, but only Chris would pour it into a bottle of POM and think it was a good idea.

For without_me - prompt was 'intrinsic'
Christian Kane/Steve Carlson
Blunt fingers rest on strings, and there's a blinding smile when Christian looks over and smiles himself, realizing for the millionth time that that guitar looks far more right in Steve's hands than it ever has in his.

For orlis_rr_girl - prompt was 'abandoned'
Christian Kane
The closet was empty, but Christian refused to believe it, so he looked again -- ignoring the empty dresser drawers that stood open, pretending he hadn't seen how her half of the bathroom was cleaned out -- but nothing was changed, and when his eyes dropped to see one lone earring trapped in the nap of the carpet, he had to admit she'd really left.

For wendy - prompt was 'ice'
Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
There it was again, that sound - cruunnnch - and Jensen opened one eye, already pissed off at being dragged from a damn good dream, and the first thing he saw was Jared, sprawled beside him, glass of water lifting to his lips as Jensen watched and…one hand reached up, cuffed Jared hard across the side of the head as he crunched again, but Jensen ignored the yelp of surprise as he closed his eyes again.

For wendy - prompt was 'headache'
Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
Jensen liked that Jared never needed to ask what was wrong, but just always just reached over, his hand cradling Jensen's skull as he started to stroke and knead, and the pain melted away until Jensen couldn't even remember it had been there in the first place.

For editorzon - prompt was 'Chihuahua'
Christian Kane/Jared Padalecki
"That's not a dog, it's an hors d'oeuvre," Jared said, deadpan, as the starlet walked past with her accessory dog in her oversized purse, and Chris had to grab his napkin in a hurry to keep from spitting his iced tea all over the table.

For missbucklebury - prompt was 'topiary'
Jensen Ackles/Steve Carlson
"That…is the weirdest thing I've ever seen," Steve drawled, head tilted a little as he stared at the new bush in Jensen's backyard, trying to figure out if it was supposed to be a giraffe or what, and he grinned wide when Jensen, muttering something about it being Jared's idea of a joke, jerked him back into the house.

For loveflyfree - prompt was 'notebook'
Jared Padalecki/Jeffrey Dean Morgan
He knew he shouldn't look, but it was lying right there, and Jared had never really been good at the whole self-control thing, so he picked up and started to flip through, casting surreptitious glances at the door until a simple pencil sketch caught his attention, and all he could do was stare at it in shock until Jeff walked in, caught him, and just chuckled.

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The Faculty

For honeyandvinegar - prompt was 'paintbrush'
Zeke Tyler/Casey Connor
Casey giggled at the feather light strokes sweeping over his skin, and the urge to squirm was nearly overwhelming, but he held still, chin tucked to his chest, and watched as Zeke's hand moved, causing another swirl of melted chocolate to form on Casey's upper thigh.

For honeyandvinegar - prompt was 'light switch'
Zeke Tyler/Casey Connor
Casey tried to be quiet, not wanting to wake his parents, but the second time he stubbed his toe, he pressed against the wall, slid his hand over the smooth, painted surface until he could flick the switch by the door, and then his breath caught in his throat at the sight of Zeke sprawled on the bed, sound asleep, a thin line of hair snaking down his stomach to disappear beneath the sheet that barely covered him and left absolutely nothing to Casey's imagination.

For lisabellex - prompt was 'cheese'
Zeke Tyler/Casey Connor
"Come on, Zeke, say it," Casey wheedled, camera held ready, Zeke framed in the viewfinder, but Zeke just gave him the finger and dirty look, refusing to open his mouth, and Casey huffed in annoyance, grumbled under his breath, and snapped the picture anyway.

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For azewewish - prompt was 'key'
Karl Urban/Orlando Bloom
It's what Karl doesn't say that gives Orlando the first clue, then, days later, when Karl just smiles and gives him a slow perusal, the puzzle falls into place, and Orlando chokes on his ale.

For dellastarr - prompt was 'immersed'
Harry Sinclair/Karl Urban
Karl closes his eyes, lets the music wash over him, surround him, until he feels like he's drowning in the feel of it on his skin, and only then does he reach out to wrap one hand around Harry's bicep and tug him down for a lazy kiss that curls his toes and makes him smile.

For dellastarr - prompt was 'peer'
Orlando Bloom
On Rings, he'd been new, still wet behind the ears, and he'd never felt like he should be there with Ian and John and Bernard, but Troy…now that was different, when Bean clapped him on the back the first day, and Brad -- Brad bloody Pitt -- had shook his hand and said he was looking forward to working together.his.

For cruelandunusual - prompt was 'inconsequential'
Orlando Bloom, Viggo Mortensen
Orlando tried to play down the gift, saying it was nothing, just a cheap, old camera that he'd found in one of the tourist trap shops at Hollywood & Highland, but the second Viggo saw it, his eyes lit up, and Orlando thought that, maybe, there was something to it after all.

For soul_cake_duck - prompt was 'grainy'
Karl Urban/Orlando Bloom
Karl rubbed his eyes, still bleary from too much alcohol and too little sleep, but when Orlando shifted into his field of vision, the bed rocking ever so slightly, he smiled and said, "You got here," in a voice that was sandpaper-rough.

For the_stowaway - prompt was 'eyeglasses'
Harry Sinclair/Karl Urban
Frowning at the spectacles in his hand, Harry looked up, said he thought he needed a new prescription when Karl asked what was wrong…then flushed when Karl just laughed and said, no, those were his.

For wendyr - prompt was 'jabberwocky'
Viggo Mortensen
Viggo traces his fingers over the book cover, idly flips it open, rifling through the pages until he comes to the poem that he can never seem to fully forget, and he stares at, trying to remember when Henry grew up and "Alice in Wonderland" became just another children's story.

For orlis_rr_girl - prompt was 'Kate'
Orlando Bloom
Sometimes he sees blonde hair on a waifish frame and he has to stop for a few seconds, just until he sees the face, then the moment passes and he moves on, knowing they made the right decision because he's happy now, she's happy now, and that's all that really matters.

For starrwisher - prompt was 'popcorn'
Harry Sinclair/Orlando Bloom
Orlando's soft snores filled the silence, and Harry gave him a look of fond exasperation, then winced as something sharp dug into his hip and tried to burrow deeper beneath him as he searched for it, and then all Harry could do was shake his head because he really should know by now that Orlando plus a bed plus a bag of microwave popcorn was never a good idea.

For editorzon - prompt was 'poker'
Sean Bean/Russell Crowe
"Nah, mate, it's all in the flick of the fingers, see," Russell said, demonstrating one more time with the cards as Sean watched, focused more on the movement of Russell's hands than he was on what Russell was actually doing, and then the alarm sounded, causing Sean to wake up with a curse, not surprised to realize one hand was down his boxers, curled around his straining erection.

For editorzon - prompt was 'Popsicle'
Karl Urban/Orlando Bloom
Orlando's lips and tongue were bright red, and his face was sticky, but Karl didn't care as he leaned in, covered cool lips with his, and drank in the sweet taste of Orlando and cherries.

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LOTR Speakeasy

For azewewish - prompt was 'gangster'
Joaquin Phoenix/Orlando Bloom
"You're not what I expected," the small, rat-faced man stammers, and Joaquin just smiles, cold and lethal, as he looks over to Orlando and says, "No, we're not."

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For the_stowaway - prompt was 'rogue'
Ben Roethlisberger/Matt Hasselbeck
Matt stands back, watches Ben ham it up for the cameras, and smiles as he thinks about what they'll be doing later, knowing it will get them blackballed if caught, but fuck it -- they've never been about playing by the rules, and he's not about to start now.

For azewewish - prompt was 'lei'
Ben Roethlisberger/Matt Hasselbeck
Sitting in the locker room before kick-off, with the other game playing on the television they've hooked up, Matt watches a graceful throw turn into a completed pass, and he can't help but smile as he thinks of the string of silly, fake flowers tucked into his bag as a good luck piece.

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No Rules

For azewewish - prompt was 'incandescent'
Jake Gyllenhaal/Josh Hartnett
Jake shifts, murmurs, and Josh is there to quiet the sounds with his lips and hands, and Jake arches up, drawn in, drowning in the feelsmelltaste of Josh and the X coursing through him until he's sure he's glowing from the heat building inside him.

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Original Fiction

For blusilva - prompt was 'polyurethane'
It molded to her body, outlining lush curves and long legs, reflecting light in a sea of ink with each move, and she smiled as she studied her reflection in the mirror.

For hotcoal - prompt was 'pride'
She steps back, surveys the finished painting with a wide smile, and knows, without a doubt, that it's good, and this one, she tells herself, with a satisfied nod, will be the centerpiece of the exhibit.

For editorzon - prompt was 'palm trees'
The cold wind sifted through the few leaves remaining in the oak tree outside his window, and he watched it for a moment, wistful as he remembered warm sun, firm sand, and a dark-skinned Tahitian goddess.

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Pirates of the Caribbean

For starrwisher - prompt was 'jellyfish'
Jack Sparrow, Will Turner
Jack hopped around on one foot, clearly biting his tongue to keep from screaming obscenities as he held the other off the ground, and all Will could do was look at the mass lying in the sand, and smile, and say, "Well, being captain of a ship and all, I suppose you already know the remedy for stings…don't you?"

For orlis_rr_girl - prompt was 'drowning'
Will Turner/Elizabeth Swann
Elizabeth sat on the beach, waves lapping around her toes, and stared at the horizon, knowing it was far, far too soon to see a green flash there, but she smiled anyway, one hand curled protectively over the faint curve of her lower belly as the life within shifted, safe in his liquid cradle as his father captained a ship that sailed beneath the waves.

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For glendaglamazon - prompt was 'slither'
Dean Winchester
Demons, zombies, vampires (that was still funny every time Dean thought about it) -- those didn't bother him a bit, but snakes, man…those made his skin crawl and not in a good way, and of course (just his luck, really) there had to be an enormous one between him and the door.

For ignipes - prompt was 'curmudgeon'
Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester
There are times when Dean looks at Sam and Sam looks at Dean, and they both wonder when they stopped talking to each other, when they got so stubborn and angry, when they got so old; then Dean cracks a joke, Sam ducks his head and grins, and it's back to business as usual while the resentment over this and that fades away.

For stormcloude - prompt was 'computer virus'
Sam Winchester
The new laptop isn't acting like it should, but damned if Sam is going to say anything, because the last thing he wants to do is give Dean more ammunition, but when the damn thing starts speaking in tongues, he knows he has to break his silence.

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