Title: Magical
Author: Jo
Pairing: original characters
Rating: G
Prompt: first snowfall of the year
Disclaimer: 100% fiction. I made up the whole thing.
Notes: Written for hotcoal, from this prompt request post.

There's a quiet here; a peaceful hush that she's never able to find in the city. The only sound is the faint susurration of the wind through the trees. She looks over her shoulder, smiles at the sight of the man, so big and strong, bent forward helping the little girl make her way through the snow.

Then a child's laugh, bright and innocent and happy rings through the air, shattering the silence, and she realizes it's the best sound she's ever heard. The little girl -- with her eyes and her daddy's bright gold curls -- lurches forward, trying to scoop up the new fallen snow that puffs up with each step she takes.

He looks up, catches sight of her, and grins. This was a good idea, a vacation in the mountains, and she's glad he agreed. Glad they could do this for her, give her this memory she'll carry forever.

The first snow is always special, magical, but never more so than when it comes at Christmas. And nothing can compare with a child's joy at seeing it, when she's just four and finally aware, and this is her very first Christmas spent away from warm climes.